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Easiest Countries to Move to & Get a Residency Permit

Is it Difficult to get a Residency Permit Abroad?

In short: no. As the world has become more interconnected and interdependent, the process of moving abroad and settling down in another country has never been easier. Some obstacles remain in the way, namely in the form of legal bureaucracies and tax liabilities which some countries may impose on foreign nationals seeking relocation.

Despite whatever hurdle there may be, getting a Residency Permit in another country is still a straightforward process. It usually involves acquiring a country’s residency visa, which may be issued for multiple reasons: work, study, investigation and research purposes, family reunification, or any other deemed acceptable by a country.

Some countries also issue Residency by Investment Visas, sometimes called Golden Visas, which let applicants bypass most requirements demanded by other types of visas and get Residency status in exchange for an economic investment into the country. The existence of Residency by Investment Visas has led to the creation of the billion-dollar investment immigration industry - focused on facilitating expats & investors to Residency & Citizenship in other countries.

Countries that take full advantage of Golden Visas and Citizenship programs are not only some of the easiest places to immigrate to, but they are also among the best to settle down and fully enjoy life.

Easiest European Countries to Move To

Europe is one of the world’s most coveted regions and with good reason. It is regarded as the safest continent on Earth, and the Global Peace Index attests to it. Ever since the Index’s inception, it has determined Europe to be the undisputed safest location with at least 6 countries in the Top 10 since 2008. Many of the safest European countries are also members of the European Union, the supranational bloc which enables its citizens to freely move to and live in any of its member states.

Moving to Europe is far from an unrealistic prospect – it can be easily achieved due to the existence of Residency by Investment programs, making European countries some of the easiest to move to in the world.


In recent years, Portugal has been on the receiving end of several tourism awards, highlighting the country’s validity not only as a vacation destination, but also as a legitimate choice for relocation. Despite the recognition and the rising popularity, Portugal is still usually not among the first choice for many – though a visit to the country makes them think otherwise.

Portugal is also among the easiest European countries to move to and the easiest country to get EU Citizenship. After 5 years of Residency, you are entitled to apply for the Portuguese passport – unlockable through any Residency by Investment program, like the Golden Visa, the D2 Visa, and the D7 Visas, revealing the country’s openness to receiving and welcoming expats & investors.



As the cradle of democracy and Western civilization, Greece is a country like no other in Europe. Not only does it boast stunning landscapes, but it also holds countless epic tales waiting to be discovered, sunny weather, and one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. With Greek culture prioritizing community, you and your family will find Greece to be your second home.

The Greece Golden Visa, the country’s prime Residency by Investment program, turns Greece into one of the easiest countries to get Permanent Residency in Europe. Available through the purchase of qualifiable Real Estate, the Greece Golden Visa grants its applicants Permanent Residency status and the right to freely live in Greece, plus the ability to travel to the Schengen Zone.

greece athens acropolis panorama


Stepping into Malta, a country encircled by the Mediterranean, feels like entering a different world, one that would otherwise be only possible in the imaginations of our minds. Time often comes to a halt, allowing a reprieve, to stop and breathe. In Malta, the sun shines brightly, the rich cuisine fills the belly, and is, perhaps, where you and your family will find peace and happiness.

Malta positively welcomes third-country nationals, offering them two different immigration paths: one toward Residency and the other to Citizenship. The former presents an admittedly easier path toward life in Malta. The latter requires a significant commitment but ultimately holds vaster rewards, including the Maltese passport.

malta valetta landscape


Cyprus is an expat haven, offering several ways its Residency can be pursued in its sunny, Mediterranean shores. Its history, spanning several thousands of years, continues to unfold to this day, marked by the several cultures and influences it had. Life in Cyprus is different, where spending time with the family matters the most, and life is lived to the fullest.

As a country with a Golden Visa program, Cyprus is automatically one of the easiest countries in Europe to move to, as it puts its large Real Estate availability as one of the options for its Residency by Investment program. Expats & investors can secure a second home in the country, plus enjoy all the benefits of Cypriot Residency.

cyprus limassol landscape


Türkiye is a country that benefits resulting from the coalescence of several cultures, retaining its traditional Middle Eastern roots, but completely part of the modern, contemporary world. This stretches across the entire country, present in all aspects of Turkish life - art, architecture, traditions and culture.

Türkiye's unique geographical positioning, both in Europe and Asia, makes it a strategic choice for expats always on the move and in need of catching several flights a year. It is one of the easiest countries to move to, due to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program. This platform enables expats to both directly acquire a powerful passport and get property in Türkiye.

turkey istanbul galata district

Most Straightforward Asian & Middle Eastern Countries to Relocate To

The Middle East may not be the most conventional choice. However, what makes this region so interesting and appealing, besides the numerous investment and business opportunities, is that its countries actively try and compete to get to be your immigration choice. Due to the region’s abundance of natural and finite resources, like oil and gas, countries like the UAE & Qatar are actively seeking international investors and talent to settle and establish Residency in their countries in order to diversify their economies.

United Arab Emirates

If there is any country that can serve as testament to human tenacity and determination, it is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In a little over half a century, the UAE and its cities became a global business and investment hub, attracting people from all over the world to its shores. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a highly cosmopolitan alternative, where luxury is boundless and so are the financial opportunities.

In recent efforts to make itself more appealing to an international audience, the UAE has eliminated its sponsorship requirements for the UAE Golden Visa. With open borders to highly skilled individuals, international talent & real estate investors, the UAE is one of the easiest Middle Eastern countries to move to.

uae dubai landscape


Qatar has recently gained international prominence due to its outstanding performance in hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Since then, Qatar has proven itself a modern country, both respectful of its traditional roots, and as a captivating, goldmine for financial opportunities.

With its own Golden Visa opportunities, Qatar is yet another easy place to immigrate. Expats & investors are given the opportunity to relocate without the need of sponsorship, purchase property in the country, and acquire long-term residency.

qatar doha night

Best Caribbean Countries to Live In

The life we often see on screens, of people just enjoying themselves by the beach, lounging by the sun, diving into crystal-clear waters, watching their children playfully run and play around in the sand, does not have to be a faraway dream. This is but one of the many promises of the Caribbean – housing some of the easiest countries in the world to move and immigrate to, while guaranteeing increased international global mobility and tax reliefs.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda embodies the concept of having a vacation every day of the year. It even has the means to do it. The country proudly claims it boasts 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. With warm temperatures year-round, hot summers and very mild winters, Antigua and Barbuda is the perfect relocation destination for beach lovers.

Antigua and Barbuda actively seeks foreign nationals with its investment program, paving an easy and straight path toward Citizenship. A life of endless sunshine and a new passport, unlocking international travel await you in this dreamy Caribbean country.

antigua barbuda shirley heights landscape


Between all the countries of the eastern Caribbean, Dominica is probably the most different one. While it is perfectly capable of providing the dreamy beach escapades, Dominica is the country to move to for nature enthusiasts – as much as of its territory is covered in lush greenery, untouched forests, and sparkling waterfalls.

Dominica also enters the fold of easiest countries to migrate to, with its own Citizenship by Investment program. Out of the several options available, investment in Real Estate stands out, allowing expats & investors to carve their own nest in this stunning island country.

dominica harbour


If there is any country that defines the concept of tropical paradise, it is Grenada. Taking the title of the Spice Island of the Caribbean, walking through the Grenadian streets and markets is a completely feast not only for its aromatic scents, but for your eyes and lips, with stunning vistas and typical regional delicacies.

Grenada hosts its own Citizenship by Investment program, providing a government-approved platform for foreign nationals to easily move into the country. It has several options from which to obtain the Grenadian passport, with Real Estate offering the best solution.


Saint Kitts and Nevis

The twin islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis captivate anyone who visits them and ends up ensnaring them to stay a while longer. The islands offer an explosion of color with the gentle blues of the sky pairing up perfectly against the endless greenery found in the islands’ forests. Calm waves lap up at the shores of volcanic black and golden white beaches, the sun warms the skin, and life is more fulfilling in this Caribbean paradise.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is often credited with being the country that founded the investment immigration industry, creating the world’s first Citizenship by Investment program in 1984. The program is a fundamental pillar of the country’s economy and has been consistently improved to provide an easy and seamless experience for expats wanting to move abroad.

st kitts landscape

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia continues, to this day, to honor its legacy. It once stood as the most disputed island of the Caribbean, with control of the island switching between the British and the French. Nowadays, the country is fully independent, but as a paradise on Earth, more and more people flock to this romantic island, claiming a little bit of Saint Lucia for themselves.

Saint Lucia boasts its own Citizenship by Investment program and is a competitive alternative to expats seeking easy countries to relocate to. With a variety of investment options, purchasing property in Saint Lucia lets you acquire its passport and create your own safe haven.

st lucia panorama

Investment Visa: How We Can Help You Move Abroad and Get Residency and Citizenship

Imagine simply hopping on a plane and traveling to your destination of choice without any other concern, knowing you already have everything ready for you – including your second home abroad. It may sound too good to be true and it probably is. Nothing in life is as simple, but it can be made easier and streamlined with Investment Visa.

Investment Visa, part of the Harland & Poston Group, is a company completely dedicated to providing investment immigration services to our global clientele. We are based in Lisbon, Portugal, and have overseas offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and Greece.

Our number one priority is to help you unlock your brighter future. Our trusted investment advisory team has several decades of experience combined, with deep knowledge and insights on how the market works, and what country works best for you based on your needs. Since the Group’s foundation in 2017, we have been 100% successful with our submitted applications in multiple countries with Residency & Citizenship by Investment programs.

Fill out our query form below, and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible and help you begin your journey to a brighter future.


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