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  • Caribbean
  • Country Flag: Antigua - Investment Visa
  • Type: Citizenship by Investment
  • Investment: USD $ 200,000
  • Duration : 3 to 6 Months
  • Benefits: The Antigua & Barbuda CBI Program allows family inclusion on second citizenship and visa-free travel to over 160 countries, including the UK, HK, and the EU.

USD $200,000+

Investment Amount

3-6 Months

Average Obtaining Period

5 Years

Return on Investment

Antigua and Barbuda Pathway to Citizenship Overview

Bypass all the bureaucracies involved with naturalization and shoot straight to the finish line, becoming a citizen from Antigua and Barbuda and holding its powerful passport via the country’s Citizenship by Investment program. With the best investment options available through the acquisition of a Real Estate property, you are not only able to enjoy all the benefits of the passport but also have a home to settle in and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

How to get the Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa and become a Citizen

Tourism is one of Antigua and Barbuda’s main sources of income, accounting for 60% of the twin islands’ income. Thus, it comes as no surprise to discover its Citizenship by Investment program is straightforward, since it provides a much-needed boost to the country’s economy.

Despite boasting a streamlined process, it will still prove crucial to supply the correct documents to obtain the Antigua and Barbuda passport. Investment Visa can present you with a full, itemized, and up-to-date list of the necessary documents. Regardless, you can expect to present a valid copy of your passport, a clean criminal certificate, and a copy of your birth certificate, among others.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda passport

Island Living

Antigua and Barbuda beckons everyone with its relaxed Caribbean living. Embrace a never-ending climate of sun and warmth, and swim on 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. Time slows down in this stunning country, reflecting on a more leisurely pace of life and gaining a new outlook on life, where every moment matters.

Tax-Friendly Country

Antigua and Barbuda stands out due to its favorable tax regime. The country does not tax its citizens on inheritance, personal income, wealth, or capital gains.

Visa-free Travel

According to the 2023 Global Passport Index, Antigua and Barbuda ranks in the Top 50, with the 26th most powerful passport in the world. By becoming a Citizen, you unlock visa-free travel to more than 150 countries worldwide, including those in the European Union, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

A Solid Solution

With a return on the investment in five years, a fast application processing time, a stable political scenario, and an overall safe environment, Antigua and Barbuda stands out as an excellent solution for those seeking a second citizenship status.

Minimal Requirements

The application process itself can be done completely remotely, and Investment Visa can handle it entirely for you, including submitting the necessary documentation. You will have to attend an Oath of Allegiance, but this can be done at an Embassy, High Commission, or Consular Office. After Citizenship has been acquired, you must only spend a total of five days in Antigua and Barbuda over the course of five years.

Family Inclusion

Ensure a safe future for your family by including them in the CBI Golden Visa application, an invaluable inheritance gift you can also pass down to the next generation. The initial USD $200,000 investment amount accounts for a family of four, and further financial dependents can also be included via the payment of additional fees.

Investment Options for the Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa

Despite the existence of other options, buying and owning Real Estate proves to be the ultimate path to becoming a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda

Real Estate

Purchasing government-approved property qualifies as an option to acquire the Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa.

1. You can buy Real Estate valued at a minimum of USD $400,000 and hold it through singular ownership;


2. You can purchase a property with another applicant, totaling USD $400,000, with each contributing USD $200,000, and hold it through joint ownership;


3. Acquire Real Estate evaluated at a minimum of USD $200,000 and hold it through singular ownership.

The acquired property must be held by the investor for a minimum of five years before it can be sold for a hefty return on the investment.

Other Options

Besides Real Estate, three other options remain as pathways to obtain the Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa. Two of them involve donations, in similar amounts, to the country’s National Development Fund, and to the University of West Indies. Besides not holding any prospect of a return on the investment, the latter has stricter requirements, such as having a higher minimum number of people per application. No fewer than six people per application will be accepted. The third pertains to investing in Antiguan and Barbudan businesses, which carries far more risks, and requires a much vaster investment amount. Investment Visa recommends pursuing Real Estate as the sole option to obtain Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

Investing in Antiguan and Barbudan Real Estate

Since tourism represents the largest of income for the country, Antigua and Barbuda makes an active effort to carefully maintain its Real Estate market. This is reflected not only in tourism-geared properties but also across all other types, in order to keep the market enticing and profitable. You can expect to find stunning villas, private condominiums, cottages, waterfront properties, and gorgeous townhouses, all of which retain a unique European charm, a remnant of Antigua and Barbuda’s historical colonial past. Investing and acquiring property in Antigua and Barbuda creates a safe haven for an escape plan and makes for the perfect holiday home, all the while granting all the benefits of Citizenship.


In Antigua and Barbuda, the Real Estate market is carefully regulated by the government. Only approved projects are qualified to enter the Citizenship by Investment program, and knowing which ones are eligible and the best for you is part of Investment Visa’s expertise. Find below a general step-by-step guide on what to expect from the process, as designed by our advisors.

Step-by-step process


Investment Selection

Out of all the investment options, acquiring Real Estate is the best option. Choosing the right property is made easier with the help of Investment Visa advisors.


Funds for Investment

The investment will only occur after the application has been approved but gathering them beforehand is critical to ensure a smooth process.


Documentation Check

Within the scope of the services they provide, our advisors will provide you with a full list of every document you need to supply, and thoroughly review if all of them are properly updated and will prepare them for submission.


Citizenship Application Submission

With the funds and documents ready, all forms filled out and reviewed, the application will be reviewed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit, including the conduction of due diligence, it is time to submit the application and prepare the property purchase.


Delivery of Passport and Citizenship Ceremony

Success! With the application fully approved, the actual investment will take place, and you will officially become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. You will have to either visit the country and attend an Oath of Allegiance ceremony, or do so at an Embassy or Consular Office, and collect your passport.

Antigua and Barbuda Flag 500x500px

Cost Estimates

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship presents itself as an interesting, enticing option out of all the Caribbean passports. If you decide on this country, contacting Investment Visa is the first step toward obtaining it. Our advisors will provide a detailed estimate of how much it might cost you.

Property purchase


Associated fees:

Processing fees

USD $30,000+

Due diligence fees

USD $19,000+

Passport emission fee

USD $1,200+

Total (1)

Min. USD $259,200

(1)Please be aware that this information is merely indicative, and not binding. It assumes the cost for a family of four, including two children. The final cost may vary according to your situation.

Antigua and Barbuda

Moving to Antigua and Barbuda?
Check our Guide to Find All You Need to Know about the Country

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can include as many family members as you wish, so long as they are financially dependent on you. This must be proved through documentation and by paying additional fees, which vary depending on the age of the dependent.

Yes. Among the numerous benefits of holding Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is that the country does not tax its citizens.

The time depends on several factors, including the Citizenship by Investment Unit’s workload and the time to duly process due diligence, and there is no certain guaranteed response time. Usually, investors can expect to obtain the Antigua and Barbuda passport in 3 to 6 months.

Yes. Acquiring Real Estate is the best option to ensure the acquisition of the Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa.

Yes. According to the 2023 Global Passport Index, Antigua and Barbuda’s passport ranks in the Top 50, at the 26th position

No. Antigua and Barbuda is tax-friendly, imposing no taxes on personal income, inheritance, capital gains, wealth, and gifts.

No. Not for the process itself, as it can be done entirely remotely. However, you will have to spend at least five days in the country over the course of five years.

Interviews may be part of the process of obtaining the Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa. The Citizenship by Investment Unit may deem them necessary, or not, on a case-by-case basis.

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