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  • South Pacific
  • Country Flag: Vanuatu - Investment Visa
  • Type: Citizenship by Investment
  • Investment: USD $138,000+
  • Duration : 3 to 6 Months
  • Benefits: The investor can include up to a family of four in the Vanuatu CBI application for the same investment amount.


Investment Amount

3 Months

Average Obtaining Period

5 Years

Return on Investment

Vanuatu’s Pathway to Citizenship Overview

The Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) is a Citizenship by Investment program created to attract foreign investment. The country currently only provides one option through this program, the CNO Fund, dedicated to Vanuatu’s production of coconut oil meant for electricity generation. In return, Vanuatu provides not only a direct, straightforward path to Citizenship but also promises of a return on the investment.

There are other programs available in Vanuatu, though do not hold any worthwhile consideration due to the fact they represent no possibility of profitability. Investment Visa recommends the CIIP as the program to choose going forward.

How to get the Vanuatu Golden Visa and become a Citizen

The Vanuatu citizenship requirements are not as extensive in comparison to other Residency or Citizenship by Investment programs. This greatly expedites the process of obtaining the Vanuatuan Golden Visa. Despite not requiring as many documents, you can expect to provide the initial application form, a valid copy of your passport, proof of financial resources, a clean criminal record, and a medical certificate, among others.

Contacting Investment Visa is the first step to ensure the Vanuatu citizenship is yours. Our expert team of advisors has in-depth knowledge of how to navigate the intricacies of this process and has guided hundreds of like-minded investors in obtaining golden visas and Golden Visas all over the world.

Benefits of Vanuatuan Citizenship


Island Living

The sun is your constant companion, and the sea is always beckoning for one more swim or dive. Explore lush green forests and embrace a completely different, ancient culture. The dream of living on an island and spending your time free from worries, and stress is possible and is a reality by living in Vanuatu.

Tax Benefits

Vanuatu is an extremely tax-friendly country. By becoming a citizen in the country, expect no further tax burdens on any type of income, wealth, inheritance, gift, or capital gains.

Visa-free Travel

The friendliness of the Vanuatuan is known all through the world, and this is recognized worldwide. Travel visa-free to more than 90 countries with the Vanuatu passport in hand.

One of the Most Affordable Programs

Vanuatu’s CIIP – CNO Future Fund is one of the most affordable Citizenship by Investment programs in the world. Become a holder of the Vanuatu passport with investment opportunities starting at USD $138,000.

No Stay Requirements

The process to obtain Vanuatu’s citizenship can be done entirely remotely. Once you become a citizen, the country demands no residency requirements at all, and you will not need to travel to Vanuatu at any point to maintain Citizenship.

Family Inclusion

One of the greatest advantages of Vanuatu’s CIIP – CNO Future Fund is that enables the investor to include up to a family of four in the application for the same investment amount. Further dependents can be included at an additional fee.

Investment Options for the Vanuatu Golden Visa

The Vanuatu Golden Visa envisions a brighter future for the country and the world, with an investment in the environment-friendly and sustainable production of green energy for everyone.


Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) - CNO Future Fund

With an investment of USD $138,000 in Vanuatu’s production of coconut oil you can not only obtain Citizenship, but also a guaranteed return on the investment, plus a deep sense of satisfaction, knowing you have played a key role in ensuring Vanuatu’s economic growth.

Other Options 

Development Support Fund (DSP)

The Vanuatu Development Support Fund is an alternative Citizenship by Investment program available in the country. The key difference is that this mechanism is based upon donations and contributions, and thus, represents no opportunity for a return or profitability.

Real Estate Option (REO)

While this program can also represent a worthwhile opportunity, it is still in its infancy, and only four properties have been approved by the Vanuatuan government. Investment Visa does not recommend pursuing this option at this time.

Investing in the CIIP – CNO Future Fund

Vanuatu has its goals set to build a brighter and more sustainable future through the implementation of the CNO Future Fund.

Due to the abundance of coconut palm trees in the country, Vanuatu has perfected the extraction of copra, the dried contents of a coconut, which is essential to the production of coconut oil. Coconut oil is fundamental to Vanuatu’s strategy of 100% renewable energy in electricity generation, which will further stimulate the country’s economy, and propel Vanuatu’s status even further.

Investing in the CNO Fund represents a real future-proof opportunity in terms of profitability, allowing you to exit the investment after obtaining a return and Citizenship.


Despite being fairly more direct and clearer than most other programs, it is always important to ensure the process is going accordingly. This is where Investment Visa comes in, with our team of experts ready to help you. Find below the step-by-step guide they constructed to better understand how the process works.

Step-by-step process


Investment Selection

Out of all the Citizenship by Investment programs, the best one is the Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP), and the one Investment Visa advises you to pursue.


Funds for Investment

After the initial consultation with Investment Visa advisors, the next step is to gather the necessary funds for investment in the CNO Future Fund.


Documentation Check

Our experts will refer to all the documentation you need to present and verify if everything is in order to guarantee a successful outcome.


Citizenship Application Submission

After everything has been gathered, including funds and documents, it is time to submit the application to Vanuatu’s Financial Intelligence Unit. Our specialists will accompany you through the entire process.


Delivery of Passport and Citizenship Ceremony

Success! Following confirmation, simply attend the online Citizenship Ceremony, receive your passport, and you are now a Vanuatuan citizen.

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Cost Estimates

With transparency at the core of this Citizenship by Investment program, Vanuatu boasts one of the most clear-cut and affordable programs in the world. You can expect to invest USD $138,000 (1) and be able to claim Vanuatuan citizenship, though there may be further fees associated with medical insurance. For a full breakdown of the costs, do not hesitate to contact the advisory team at Investment Visa.

(1) Please be aware that this information is merely indicative, and not binding. It assumes the cost for a family of four, including two children. The final cost may vary according to your situation.


Moving to Vanuatu?
Check our Guide to Find All You Need to Know about the Country

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There are alternative Residency and Citizenship solutions to Vanuatu. Investment Visa works with a variety of other programs to ponder if you decide Vanuatu is not right for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Per the initial investment, you can include up to a family of four. Further dependents may be added to the application per the payment of an additional fee. Contact Investment Visa to find more information about this.

Yes, Vanuatu is a tax-free country. Understanding the need to incentivize foreign investment, the country has made itself tax-free, not burdening any potential investors with taxes on personal income, wealth, gifts, inheritance, or capital gains.

The Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan is one of the fastest in the world, and you can have the Vanuatu passport in as little as 3 months.

Vanuatu does not require as many documents as the majority of other Residency or Citizenship by investment programs. Generally speaking, you can expect to fill out an application form and provide proof of financial resources and a clean criminal record, among some others. Investment Visa can directly assist you in this matter.

Yes. Vanuatu has a Citizenship by Investment program dedicated to Real Estate – the REO. However, despite having been launched in 2021, this program cannot yet be considered profitable, as only four properties have been cleared to participate in the program since its inception.

Yes. According to the Global Passport Index, Vanuatu ranks in the Top 50 Most Powerful Passports in the World, at the 49th position.

Does Vanuatu have more than one Citizenship by Investment program?

Yes. Currently, Vanuatu has three Citizenship by Investment programs. The Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP), the Development Support Program (DSP), and the Real Estate Option (REO).

No. The process can be done completely online, and you will never have to step foot in Vanuatu if you do not wish to.

The Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) is Vanuatu’s most recent program, launched in 2023, though it is set to become the most profitable Citizenship by Investment mechanism in Vanuatu.

Yes. Vanuatu represents an excellent choice for an investment. The country is currently set to become completely reliant on coconut oil to produce electricity, making this the perfect time to choose the CIIP – CNO Future Fund as a great forward-thinking solution.

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