• North America
  • Country Flag: USA - Investment Visa
  • Type: Residency by Investment
  • Investment: USD $900,000
  • Duration : 12 to 24 Months
  • Benefits: The US EB-5 program offers applicants visa-free travel in the USA territory and in the Schengen Area. Family inclusion is allowed in the EB-5 program for your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

USD $900,000+

Minimum Investment Amount

12-24 Months

Average Obtaining Period

5 years

(*) Return of Investment

United States pathway to Residency Overview

The United States is undoubtedly one of the world's economic powerhouses. Every year, it witnesses a truly astounding number of people from all over the world seeking either to visit it or make it their new home. Thus, it is important to distinguish immigrant from nonimmigrant visas.

The difference is straightforward: immigrant visas are issued to foreign nationals seeking to live and work in the United States, while nonimmigrant visas are issued to individuals looking to enter the United States for a temporary purpose, such as tourism.

The EB5 Immigrant Investor program is the United States version of the Golden Visa and qualifies as an immigrant visa. It provides the right to live, work, and study in the United States, being a viable pathway for high net-worth individuals seeking to obtain Lawful Permanent Residency status, also known as Green Card, in the United States.

How to get the United States EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa and become a Resident

Every year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues 10,000 visas exclusively dedicated to the EB5 Immigrant Investor program. In exchange for a substantial capital investment, set to diversify and promote the growth of the United States economy, the individual is granted Green Card holder status in the country.

An exhaustive due diligence process will be carried out to ensure the investors have a true interest in promoting the economy of the United States. You can expect to provide numerous documents, including a valid form of identification, a clean criminal record, and any documentation regarding the creation of the business, including licenses, proof of financial means, a business plan, tax returns, bank statements, and many more.

Benefits of USA Residency

Residency in the United States

Once you get your EB5 investor visa, you can move, live, work, and study in one of the world's most developed economic powerhouses.

Family Inclusion

The EB5 Immigrant Investor program enables you to bring your spouse and any unmarried children under 21.

Path to United States Citizenship

Since the EB5 is an immigrant visa, the path to Citizenship is open. After five years, you become eligible to apply for a U.S. passport, unlocking an extremely powerful passport that ranks 6th in the 2023 Global Passport Index.

No Visa Sponsor Required

Some visas require sponsorship from a U.S. citizen, but this is not the case for the EB5 Immigrant Investor program. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for the visa on your own.

Access to a Higher Standard of Living

As a Permanent Resident of the United States, you can access the country’s public education system and enroll in private medical insurance institutions. The United States is known for having the best schools and the best healthcare practitioners in the world.

Investment Profitability

The EB5 stands on the premise that any possible returns on the investment are not guaranteed, but Investment Visa can guide you to the most profitable deals and ensure you get a return on the investment.

Investment Options for the United States Golden Visa

Individuals seeking Permanent Residency in the United States have two options qualifiable as an EB5 investment:

Regional Center Investment

A Regional Center is an organization dedicated to promoting the economic growth of specific areas, labeled a Targeted Employment Area. These locations are typically rural settings that suffer from a high rate of unemployment. The Regional Centers address this issue by channeling the capital obtained from the EB5 Immigrant Investor program to create at least 10 direct or indirect jobs for United States citizens.

The minimum investment amount for this option is USD $900,000, and as of April 2023, there are 640 Regional Centers scattered throughout the United States. The crushing majority of EB5 investments are executed through Regional Centers since they handle most of the bureaucracy.

Direct Investment

Alternatively, you can also branch out your existing business into the United States, set up an entirely new venture, or purchase a company already operating in the United States. The mandatory requirement of creating jobs for U.S. citizens remains. The caveat in this scenario is that the investment since it must be executed outside of Targeted Employment Areas, is much higher, at USD $1,8 million.

Investing in the Economy of the United States

Venturing through the EB5 Immigrant Investor program is actively contributing to the economy of your new country of Residency. This mechanism establishes no specific preference if the minimum amount of USD $900,000 is invested and the ultimate goal of economic growth via the creation of jobs is achieved. Common options promoted by Regional Centers will be among the development of Real Estate projects, specifically tourism-geared properties such as hotels and resorts, and commercial properties, including franchise restaurants or retail stores. These options may yield a steady return on the investment when one accounts for proven business models and rental income. You may take a more risk-prone approach and invest in start-ups and other technological-oriented innovative businesses.


The process to obtain Residency in the United States may prove lengthy and time-consuming, and its circumstances depend on a variety of factors, including whether you are already in the United States. The following brief guide focuses on investors who are not living in the country, but our team can help you nonetheless.

Step-by-step process


Investment Selection

Our specialized team will evaluate your profile and match you with the best Regional Center according to your needs.


Funds for Investment

The funds required for the completion of the transaction must be prepared beforehand and placed into an escrow account.


Documentation Check

A thorough documentation check will be conducted to determine eligibility for the EB5 Immigrant Investor program, including the I-526 petition.


EB5 Application Submission

Alongside the necessary documentation, our advisory team will help in submitting the application itself, including the I-526 petition


Conditional Status Obtained!

With an approved application, you will be issued a Conditional Green Card, which is valid for two years. At this point, you must move to the United States within 180 days.


Conditional Status Removed and Full Green Card

The last step is also the lengthier one. While waiting for the Conditional Status to expire, Investment Visa’s professionals will move forward with the submission of the I-829 petition, which the USCIS will verify if all the requirements have been fulfilled, and issue the Permanent Green Card.


Cost Estimates

Immigrating to invest in the United States is a complex process. Besides the minimum investment amount of USD $900,000, there are also administrative and government fees and other application-related costs. These amounts can vary differently depending on the State where you choose to invest, the area where the Regional Centers target, and the overall industry presence in the region. No approximate cost estimate can be provided as every situation is extremely unique in itself. The best way to obtain a cost estimate is to already have an investment plan in mind. If you do not yet have one, contacting Investment Visa is the best way to secure not only a trustworthy plan but also a steady hand to guide you through the process until you hold a United States Green Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The EB5 Immigrant Investor program enables foreign investors to become permanent residents in the United States and hold Green Cards in exchange for capital investment to create 10 full-time jobs for citizens.

The EB5 Immigrant Investor program may impose some restrictions based on nationality. Consult Investment Visa to figure out what applies in your situation.

Your initial Green Card will be conditional, which means it will be issued with a set validity of two years. After, a petition must be filed to remove this restriction. Thereafter most Green Cards are issued with a set duration of 10 years.

Residency by investment programs, sometimes referred to as Golden Visas, enable Residency status, which is the case of the EB5 Immigrant Investor mechanism since it grants the Green Card. Citizenship programs offer a straight path to Citizenship status in a country.

No. No program directly allows foreign investors to become Citizens in the United States. However, the EB5 Immigrant Investor program does unlock the path to Citizenship after five years of Residency in the United States.

Yes. The EB5 Investor Immigrant program provides immigrant visas to foreign nationals, which leads to the coveted Green Card. This status provides Permanent Residency in the United States.

The minimum investment amount for the EB5 Immigrant Investor program is USD $900,000 through a Regional Center. However, this is not all it will cost, as there may be administrative, legal, and governmental fees and they may vary by State. Contacting Investment Visa is the best way to obtain a detailed report of how much the program might cost you.

Real Estate projects of multiple natures, including residential, commercial, and touristic may qualify for the EB5 Immigrant Investor program. Contact Investment Visa to find out more.

No. There are several enterprises from which the investor can choose, depending on the economic needs of the area. You do not have to buy Real Estate, though property investment projects do exist, such as hotels and resorts, and are a valid form of obtaining the EB5 visa.

Yes. The EB5 Immigrant Investor entitles successful applicants with a Green Card. As a holder of the Green Card, you may apply for Citizenship after five years of Residency.

The EB5 Immigrant Investor program allows the main applicant to bring their immediate family, including spouse and unmarried children under 21.

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