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  • Europe
  • Country Flag: Greece - Investment Visa
  • Type: Residency by Investment
  • Investment: EUR € 250,000
  • Duration : 1 to 3 Months
  • Benefits: The Greece RBI Program offers a Residency Permit, finalized within just 60 days, visa-free travel to the Schengen Area, and family inclusion.


Minimum Investment Amount

3 Months

Average Obtaining Period

7 years

Return of Investment

Greece's pathway to citizenship overview

The Greece Golden Visa is a Residency by Investment program designed to attract foreign investment to the Greek economy in return for Residency in Greece. The program is open to almost all non-EU nationals and has several investment options through which Residency can be obtained. At Investment Visa, we recommend pursuing Residency through the best and most popular option, which is to purchase a Real Estate property in the Greek islands.

The minimum investment amount varies between EUR €250,000 and EUR €500,000, depending on the country’s region. Per the Greece Golden Visa new rules, the latter amount applies only to Greece’s trendiest and hub spot areas, such as Athens and its greater suburban region (see our map below).

How to get the Greece Golden Visa and become a Resident

The Greece Golden Visa requirements are various, and you will need to provide multiple documents, including but not limited to, a clean criminal record, and a certificate from a Greek hospital verifying you carry no communicable diseases. You will also need to open a bank account in Greece and obtain a Greek taxpayer number.

The Greece Golden Visa also opens the path to Citizenship, which becomes available via naturalization after seven years. Further requirements will be asked, such as proof of integration into Greek society, and a written test on Greece’s language, culture, history, and geography.

Regardless, moving to Greece will present countless benefits: family inclusion, the opportunity to live in a stable country, a strong currency, and the freedom of traveling visa-free to over 170 countries. Contact our team of expert advisors today to receive the best help in obtaining Residency in Greece through the Golden Visa program.

Benefits of Greek Residency

Residency in Greece

You are not required to live in Greece for any period of time, but if you do, it opens the path to Citizenship. If you hold the property for seven years, your Residency is renewable for the same amount of time, with no minimum stay in Greece required.

Your Family is Eligible

Provide a safe haven for your family in a stable, secure country with a strong currency and a higher standard of living and education. Your spouse, children under 21 years of age, and any dependent parents are eligible to become Residents through the Greece Golden Visa program. If the borders close, you can still enter Greece as Residents.

Visa-free Travel

As a Greek Resident, the European Schengen Area is open to you. Through the Greece Golden Visa, you do not need anything else. Travel to 27 countries, which have abolished their borders between each other, as per the Schengen Agreement. These include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and many others for any 90 days out of a maximum of 180.

Low Investment Amount Required

The Greece Golden Visa new rules have changed the minimum investment amount, from €250,000 to €500,000 in the country’s most popular destinations. Regardless, the country remains highly desirable from an investment perspective, as the amount has remained the same in the lesser-known regions of Greece. If your aim is solely to obtain EU Residency, Greece remains your best option.

A Solid Return on Your Investment

With an increasingly appreciating Real Estate market, you can resell your property after obtaining Citizenship in Greece for a hefty price. If not, you can also choose to rent your property for great yields or receive dividends from a Greek company. Alternatively, it can also be your perfect Mediterranean second home to enjoy and relax during the summer.

No Double Taxation

Greece has signed double taxation treaties with many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. If you move your tax residency to Greece, you can enroll in the Greek “non-dom” tax regime, in which you pay a flat annual fee to avoid paying tax on foreign income and many other tax benefits.

Investment Options for the Greece Golden Visa

Though there are other ways from which the Greece Golden Visa can be obtained, investing and purchasing Real Estate is by far the best and most profitable option.

Real Estate

An investment of €250,000 in the Greek Real Estate

Either personally or through an EU-based legal entity. The investor is required to be the full owner of the company, owning all the shares.


An investment of €500,000 in Real Estate in selected areas

Per the Greece Golden Visa new rules, an investment of €500,000 in Real Estate properties in Athens and its suburban areas, and the regions of Santorini, Mykonos, and Thessaloniki.


Other options

There are other options that can lead to the Greece Golden Visa and Residency in Greece. However, unlike Real Estate, which is a real and physical asset, they are intangible and offer no worthy returns or profits, while requiring a much larger investment amount.

The minimum to endeavor through any of these options is EUR € 350,000. Basically, these options involve capital contributions to Greek companies or the purchase of Treasury Bonds from the Greek government. Investment Visa advises against pursuing any of these options, and instead opting for the purchase of a Real Estate property. To know more about these options, contact one of our advisers.

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Investing in Greek Real Estate

Investing in Greek Real Estate

Perhaps you wish to travel more freely around the European Union, or maybe you are not happy with circumstances within your home country. Or maybe you simply wish to enjoy tax benefits. Well, you can have all three at once – through the Greece Residency by Investment Program. The country has a range of homes for sale, from traditional to modern houses, apartments, villas, and rural estates. To invest, you will need legal assistance and advisors in real estate to guide you towards the perfect location and a personalized choice of properties. There are numerous financing options and tax implications, so expert advice is highly recommended. Investment Visa offers you the best professional advice and will be by your side should you decide that the Greece Golden Visa Program is for you.

Investment by Year Greece Golden Visa

in EUR million

Greece Golden Visa statistics

Incredible growth

Ever since its inception, the Greece Golden Visa has seen incredible growth, especially in the last few years. In fact, the Residency by Investment program was responsible for a direct capital injection of around €2,6 billion in the Greek economy between 2014 and 2021, according to the information provided by the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

Over 31,000 permits issued

The Greece Golden Visa program is particularly popular among nationals from India, China, and Turkey, with most application numbers. As per recent numbers, over 31,000 residency permits have been granted to the main applicants and their families.

However, this number is only set to increase, especially as other countries in Europe seek to either discontinue or cancel their Golden Visa programs. Right now, Greece presents the best cost-for-value Residency by Investment program.


Our team of professionals at Investment Visa has prepared a step-by-step guide for you to discover more about the application process for the Greece Golden Visa. At Investment Visa, our mission is to consider the needs of our investors, always keeping in mind an outlook of helping them build a better financial future.

Step-by-step process


Investment Selection

There are several investment options through which you can pursue the Greece Golden Visa. But which one is the right choice for you? At Investment Visa, we recommend the Real Estate option.


Funds for Investment

After you have talked with our advisors, and you have chosen your preferred property, it is time to gather your funds and be ready to use them for the Greece Golden Visa.


Documentation Check

Our experts will refer all the documentation you need to present to apply for the Greece Golden Visa and check everything is in order and up to date.


Golden Visa Submission

After everything has been gathered, including funds and documents, it is time to submit the application to the Greek authorities. Our specialists will guide you through the entire process.


Residency Permit & Renewals

Done! You can now enjoy your Residency in Greece, for seven years, as well as your property. When the time comes for renewal, you can count on Investment Visa to help you.


Cost Estimates

Considering a Real Estate purchase of €250.000+

The Greece Golden Visa is the most affordable in Europe, starting at a minimum of €250,000. Use our calculator to simulate the costs. For a more comprehensive, detailed estimate, contact our advisors for a full analysis of your profile and how we can help you become a Greek Resident.

(1) Please be aware that this information is merely indicative, and not binding. It assumes the cost for a family of four, including two children. The final cost may vary according to your situation.

Property purchase


Associated fees:

Residency Permit


+ EUR €150 for each family member (except under 18)

1 spouse - 150€

+ EUR €16 for the printing of each individual electronical residence permit

applicant + spouse + 2 children - €64

Total (1)

Min. €252,000

(1)Please be aware that this information is merely indicative, and not binding. It assumes the cost for a family of four, including two children. The final cost may vary according to your situation.

Moving to Greece? Check here all you need to know about the country

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Our team of seasoned experts have more than 25 years of experience in helping investors getting Golden Visas from countries all over the world. They are ready to share their knowledge with you. Fill our query forms and allow us to help you guide you to your Greece Golden Visa.

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If Greece Residency by Investment is not what you are seeking, feel free to contact us. We work with other Residency by Investment and Citizenship by Investment programs in other European countries and the Caribbean which might be better suited to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Greece Golden Visa and the Greek Residency by Investment program are the same. To attract foreign investment into the country’s economy, the Greek government has launched this program, allowing almost all non-EU nationals to gain Residency in Greece and in the EU

Greece does restrict certain nationalities from applying for the Golden Visa, though almost all non-EU nationals can apply for the Greece Golden Visa. Please verify with our advisors what is applicable in your case.

The Residency Permit is issued with a set duration of five years. If you hold the property, this will be renewed for an equal duration of five years. As such, the Residency Permit can be renewed indefinitely.

Residency by Investment programs enable you to become a resident of the country. The Greece Golden Visa is an example of Residency by Investment. However, they do not make you a citizen with full legal rights as Citizenship by Investment programs do. In Greece’s case, the investor can naturalize into a Greek citizen after seven years.

No. You cannot get Citizenship in Greece by Investment. However, the Greece Golden Visa does open the path to Citizenship through naturalization. Generally speaking, Citizenship by Investment programs are not commonplace, as the EU frowns upon them.

Yes. The Greece Golden Visa is a Permanent Residency by Investment program. As long as you keep the investment, your Residency in Greece is permanent. It only needs to be renewed every five years.

The minimum investment amount to qualify for the Greece Golden Visa is EUR €250,000 in most areas of the country. In specific areas of the country, such as Vari, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Mykonos, Santorini, and Thessaloniki, the amount is EUR €500,000.

Yes. However, the house must be appraised and sold for EUR €250,000 or more.

Once you are a Permanent Resident, the path to Citizenship is open. However, you will have to prove you have integrated into Greek society, as well as take a written test on Greece’s language, culture, history and geography.

You can bring your family with you and let them enjoy the benefits of Residency in Greece. Currently, the program also extends to the main applicant’s spouse, the direct unmarried descendants of the applicant, spouse or both, if they are under the age of 21, though this can extend to 24 if they are a student, and the direct relatives of the applicant and spouse in the ascending line.

The process itself can be done entirely remotely. However, you will have to visit Greece at least once, as the Golden Visa program requires attending an appointment for biometric registration. Our specialists at Investment Visa can help you throughout the entire process.

Portugal has canceled its Golden Visa. Spain is looking to increase the investment amount. Italy offers no Real Estate option per its Golden Visa. Because of this, the Greece Golden Visa remains the most competitive and most advantageous out of all programs available in Europe, allowing the investor an entry point to Europe become a Permanent Resident, and get a return on their investment.

No. There are other options to obtain Greek Residency by Investment. You can invest in Greek companies or buy Greek Treasury Bonds, but Real Estate remains the most affordable and competitive manner to obtain Residency, starting at €250,000.

Yes. You can rent out your property to third parties.

Yes. Golden Visa is an umbrella term for investment visas, and its meaning varies country by country. In Greece’s case, the Greece Golden Visa is the Residency by Investment program.

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