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  • Middle East
  • Country Flag: Turkey - Investment Visa
  • Type: Citizenship by Investment
  • Investment: USD $ 400,000 +
  • Duration : 3 to 6 Months
  • Benefits: The Türkiye CBI program offers visa-free travel to 125 countries, including the ability to live, work, and study while residing in the country with no minimum stay requirement.


Investment Amount

3-6 Months

Average Obtaining Period

3 Years

Return on Investment

Türkiye’s Pathway to Citizenship Overview

Following the success of other Golden Visa programs in Europe, Türkiye launched its own investment immigration mechanism in 2016, allowing foreign investors to bypass Residency requirements and become Citizens immediately.

Though it did not have the best start the government had hoped for initially, it quickly became one of Europe’s most-coveted Citizenships after its investment amount became USD $400,000.

How to get the Türkiye Golden Visa and become a Citizen

The path to obtaining the Turkish passport is straightforward, taking as little as 3 months for Citizenship to be granted. It requires the purchase of the Real Estate property to be registered with the Turkish Land Registry and Cadaster of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and several documents including, but not limited to a valid passport, a birth certificate, a clean criminal record, and opening a bank account in Türkiye, among many others.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Türkiye Citizenship

Residency in Türkiye

As a citizen, you can live, work, and study freely in Türkiye, and you are entitled to come and go to Türkiye whenever you want. The process of obtaining a Schengen Visa also becomes far easier, allowing you to travel to the rest of Europe.

Family Reunification

You can include your family in your application for the Türkiye Golden Visa and grant them Turkish citizenship as well. Your spouse, children under the age of 18, or up to 21 if they are financially dependent on you, and your dependent elderly parents are all qualifiable to hold the Turkish passport.

USA E2 Visa Unlocked

Turkish citizens can apply for the USA E2 Visa, which allows them to live, work, and study in the United States by investing in a business operating in the country.

Visa-free travel

With Turkish citizenship, you have an extremely powerful passport, which allows you to more than 120 countries worldwide without the need to apply for a visa.

Minimum Requirements

You are not required to live in Türkiye before, during, or after the entire process to obtain Citizenship. There are also no language requirements, which means you will not have to learn Turkish.

A Solid Return on the Investment

After you have obtained your Turkish citizenship, you are only required to hold the property for three years. If you wish, you can thereafter sell the property and obtain a solid return on your original investment, especially considering Türkiye’s Real Estate market.

Investment Options for the Türkiye Golden Visa

The Türkiye Golden Visa is a versatile program, revealing plenty of options for investors seeking the Turkish passport, but purchasing Real Estate emerges as the best one.

Turkey Real Estate City Of Kas

Real Estate

Acquiring a Real Estate property in Türkiye in the amount of USD $400,000 or its equivalent in a foreign currency or Turkish lira, as attested by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.

Other Options 

The Türkiye Golden Visa has other options available, though Investment Visa does not recommend endeavoring through any of them. Between capital contributions, bank deposits, the creation of jobs, the purchase of government bonds, or investing in fund shares, these options carry far more risks, are more complex and bureaucratic, provide lower yields, offer no exit strategy, are intangible and all require a vaster amount of investment, starting at USD $500,000.

Investing in Turkish Real Estate

It is important to note the Türkiye Golden Visa was designed to boost and improve the Real Estate sector in the country, and it has produced remarkable results since its inception. With over 206,000 properties sold since 2016, the program has generated more than 7 million for the Turkish economy, providing a whole new life to the Real Estate market in Türkiye. You can expect freshly refurbished and renovated apartments, brand-new townhouses, and luxurious villas.

Furthermore, several types of Real Estate qualify for the acquisition of the Golden Visa, including not only residential but also commercial, land developments, etc. With Türkiye providing vast and versatile opportunities to its Real Estate landscape, and a growing construction sector, increasingly building more commercial and industrial output, investing in Türkiye becomes an easy decision, especially when all the benefits of Citizenship are considered.


Despite having a relatively straightforward process, it is always recommended to engage advisory services, especially when dealing with countries with official languages other than English. Our team can assist with this, and to give you insight into how the process unfolds, they crafted the below process for your benefit.

Step-by-step process


Investment Selection

The only worthwhile option to acquire the Turkish passport is to purchase Real Estate in the country. Investment Visa boasts a wide array of properties across all of Türkiye’s major areas that qualify for the Golden Visa.


Funds for Investment

Gathering the funds for the Türkiye Golden Visa is the next step. Our advisors will assist with the process of opening a bank account in Türkiye to proceed with the property purchase.


Documentation Check

Several documents will be required to apply for the Türkiye Golden Visa. Our experts will refer all of them to you, verify if they are up to date and according to the needs of the Turkish government, and inform you if something is missing or wrong.


Citizenship Status Application

With the documents readied, and the ongoing process of purchasing property unfolding, the application will proceed and be submitted to the Turkish authorities.


Citizenship Status Granted

Success! The documents have been approved by the government, and the property you have chosen is now completely yours. You can enjoy full Citizenship status in Türkiye.

Malta Flag 500x500px

Cost Estimates

Besides the property purchase, there are other fees associated with the transaction.

Bear in mind that Turkish is the country’s official language, and all the documentation you provide will require translation and a notary to certify them. As part of the Türkiye Golden Visa application, healthcare coverage will also be required, and this must be considered as well. There are also fees regarding the application itself, the issuance of the passports, and taxes associated with the purchase, including fees for the land registry, VAT, and the transfer of the title deed.

Contacting Investment Visa’s advisory team is the first step to getting a clear picture of how acquiring the Türkiye Golden Visa might cost you. They will provide a full analysis of your situation and let you know an estimate tailored to you and your needs.

(1) Please be aware that this information is merely indicative, and not binding. It assumes the cost for a family of four, including two children. The final cost may vary according to your situation.

Turkey Citizenship

Moving to Türkiye?
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We Are Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Experts

Guiding investors to the Türkiye Golden Visa is our mission. With Investment Visa’s advisory team’s help, you can rest assured that the Turkish passport will be yours.

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Investment Visa is born from a desire to provide the utmost personalized service with the highest degree of care in advising and guiding individuals to Golden Visas around the world. This desire has been alive and ongoing for the past 25 years, present in all our Investment Advisors. Contacting us is the first step toward obtaining your Golden Visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. As long as you hold the property, you are not required to spend any minimum amount of time in Türkiye.

Yes. Buying Real Estate is the best option to secure Citizenship in Türkiye.

Though it is possible to provide an absolute final, the Türkiye Golden Visa has a minimum cost of USD $400,000 to qualify for the program.

Not for the first three years. You will be obligated to hold the property for the 3 years. After this period has passed, you can sell your property. Otherwise, you risk losing your Citizenship status.

No. There are no language requirements for the Citizenship by Investment application.

Yes. You will not have to renounce your original Citizenship to obtain Turkish citizenship.

No. You are not required to visit Türkiye for the application process. It can be done entirely

Obtaining the Turkish passport may take between 3 to 6 months.

Yes. According to the 2023 Global Passport Index, Türkiye’s passport ranks in the Top 50, at the 37th place.

Türkiye welcomes most foreign nationals to apply for its Golden Visa program, though it does impose restrictions on certain nationalities. Consult with our specialists to see what applies to your situation.

The Türkiye Golden Visa is another name for the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment program. It enables foreign investors to become Citizens in the country in exchange for investment in the economy.

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