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  • Europe
  • Country Flag: Cyprus - Investment Visa
  • Type: Residency by Investment
  • Investment: EUR €300,000+
  • Duration : 3 to 6 Months
  • Benefits: The Cyprus RBI is highly efficient, allowing applicants to visit the country every two years, there are no requirements to permanently reside in Cyprus during your application process.

EUR €300,000+

Minimum Investment Amount

3-6 Months

Average Obtaining Period

5 years

Return of Investment

Cyprus pathway to Residency Overview

Cyprus used to boast two Golden Visa programs, one aimed at Citizenship and another at Permanent Residency. In 2020 the former was dissolved, though the latter remains as Cyprus’ only Golden Visa program. Officially known as the Cyprus Immigration Permit for Investors, this program is open to nearly all non-EU nationals. It provides a quick and efficient way of obtaining Residency status in Cyprus, a European Union country, in exchange for an investment of €300,000 in the country.

Citizenship becomes achievable after five years.

How to get the Cyprus Golden Visa and become a Resident

Investment immigration initiatives in Europe, such as Golden Visa programs, tend to have an extensive list of requirements and documents, and Cyprus is no exception. For instance, you must first open a bank account in Cyprus and transfer the investment funds. They must come from abroad and from legitimate sources, either from your account or your spouse’s. Certified copies of passports, a clean criminal record, proof of healthcare insurance, and in cases of property acquisition, documents such as the title of ownership or contract of sale, including proof of payment, are only some of the documents you will be expected to provide. Furthermore, you will need to exhibit proof of annual income of at least €50,000, though this amount may increase depending on the amount of family members added to the application.


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Benefits of Cyprus Residency

Residency in Cyprus

Make Cyprus your safe haven, perfect for a Plan B. With Permanent Residency status, you can enter Cyprus at any time. Even if the country closes its borders, you can still access the country.

Family Inclusion

You can extend all the benefits of Cyprus Residency to your nuclear family members. The program enables you to bring your spouse and children up to 18 or until 25, provided they meet certain criteria.

Path to Citizenship

The usual path to Citizenship takes seven years of Permanent Residency, though the Cyprus Golden Visa fast-tracks this process. After five years of legal residency, you become eligible to apply for Citizenship and the Cypriot passport.

Tax Benefits

The Cypriot taxation system is among the most attractive in Europe, with low rates on income and property taxes. There is no tax on inheritance, and the country boasts one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU.

Access to a Higher Standard of Living

As a country in the EU, Cyprus boasts a higher standard of living, including infrastructure, healthcare, and education. With Cypriot Permanent Residency status, the process of unlocking visas to the rest of the world, including the EU’s Schengen Area, becomes much easier and faster.

Minimal Requirements

Though there are benefits to making Cyprus your legal residence, the Cyprus Golden Visa does not require you to do so. To keep the status, you only need to visit the country once every two years. There are also no language requirements to apply for the Cyprus Golden Visa.

Investment Options for the Cyprus Golden Visa

Though there are other ways from which the Cyprus Golden Visa can be obtained, investing and purchasing Real Estate is by far the best and most profitable option.

Real Estate

Requiring a minimum of €300,000, the option to purchase Real Estate in Cyprus is the best way to acquire the Cyprus Golden Visa.

You can buy residential Real Estate in the form of a house or an apartment, though it must be the property’s first sale from a development company.


Acquire commercial Real Estate, such as offices, shops, hotels, or related developments. These may come from a resale.

Other Options

There are other ways of acquiring the Cyprus Golden Visa, but due to their higher risks and diminished potential of making a return on the investment, they are not advisable. Instead of acquiring Real Estate, an individual can also choose to invest €300,000 in the share capital of a Cypriot company based and operating in Cyprus that employs a minimum of 5 people. Alternatively, one can invest the same amount through a subscription to units in investment funds in the Cyprus Investment Organization of Collective Investments.

Investing in the Economy of Cyprus

Since other options are not as profitable, bringing in higher risks and lesser chances of obtaining a return, Real Estate is the best way to acquire the Cyprus Golden Visa. If the minimum amount of €300,000 is invested, you can acquire more than one property, revealing the property prices in Cyprus to be affordable. This is ideal, especially for portfolio diversification. Furthermore, there is a tendency for an increase in market appreciation of roughly 1% to 4% every year. If the aim is to acquire Citizenship, after five years have passed, you can sell the property for a hefty profit. If not, and if the investment is maintained, the property can be rented, generating passive income while you enjoy the benefits of Cypriot Residency.


Relying on years of expertise in Golden Visa program applications, Investment Visa’s advisory team created the following step-by-step guide to shed light on how obtaining Residency status unfolds.

Step-by-step process


Investment Selection

Other options notwithstanding, this step is dedicated to selecting the best Cypriot property for you. Whether residential or commercial, Investment Visa has a selection of properties eligible for the Cyprus Golden Visa.


Funds for Investment

Investment Visa can assist you with opening a bank account in Cyprus. After, you must transfer the funds to the Cypriot financial institution, which will ensure a successful application. Investment Visa can assist you with this.


Documentation Check

Our advisors will conduct a proper documentation check and verify if everything is in order and up to date. Having previously worked with the Cyprus Golden Visa, our advisors have deep insights into the complexities of the Maltese system and will happily refer you to all the necessary documentation and verify if everything is up to date.


Golden Visa Submission

As your authorized representative, Investment Visa will submit your application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department. The application will be forwarded to the Ministry of Interior and its representatives will make the final decision.


Residency Permit & Renewals

Success! Residency status is granted, which means you are now free to move to Cyprus if you desire. Since the status is permanent, if you maintain the investment, you only need to visit Cyprus once, to submit biometrics information. Thereafter only once every two years. The Residency card is issued with a validity of 10 years, which must only be renewed by then.


Cost Estimates

Considering a Real Estate purchase of €300.000+

Property purchase

€300,000+, plus VAT

Associated fees:

Application submission fee


Registration Certificate fee


Residency Card Issuance fee


Total (1)

€301,060+ (*)

(1)Please be aware that this information is merely indicative and not binding. It assumes the cost for a family of four, including two children under 18. The simulation does not consider private medical insurance, nor the confirmation of proof of income, which is mandatory in Cyprus. The final cost may vary according to your situation.

Moving to Cyprus?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the Golden Visa program in Cyprus is the country’s investment immigration initiative, granting Residency status in exchange for an economic investment, and the option to obtain Citizenship after five years.

Aimed at third-country nationals, the Cyprus Golden Visa does not allow EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals to apply. Cyprus may apply restrictions based on nationalities. Contact Investment Visa to find out if you are eligible for the Cyprus Golden Visa.

Per the Cyprus Golden Visa, you can include your spouse, and children until 18 years of age. This may extend to 25 years of age if they are unmarried, and you can prove they are students of tertiary education outside of Cyprus and are financially dependent on the applicant. There is an additional fee associated with this.

The Cyprus Golden Visa grants Permanent Residency status to its holders. If the investment is maintained, so is the status. Cards are usually issued at 10 years, and they only need to be renewed at the end of the expiration date.

It is not possible to provide an exact amount, as the final cost will vary according to each individual situation. However, the minimum investment amount is €300,000.

Yes. Property acquisition is the best way to secure the Cyprus Golden Visa and Residency.

Yes. After five years of continuous legal residency in Cyprus, Golden Visa holders can apply for Citizenship.

No. There are other options to participate in the Cyprus Golden Visa, such as investment in the share capital of Cypriot companies or subscriptions to investment funds, but Real Estate remains the best option.

Besides the initial visit to Cyprus to submit biometrics information, you will only need to visit Cyprus once every two years to maintain Residency status.

No. The Cyprus Golden Visa only enables its applicants to live and study in Cyprus.

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