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  • Europe
  • Country Flag: Greece - Investment Visa
  • Type: Residency by Investment
  • Investment: € 250,000
  • Duration : 1 to 3 Months
  • Benefits: The Greece RBI Program offers a Residency Permit, finalized within just 60 days, visa-free travel to the Schengen Area, and family inclusion.

Why Move to Greece?

The high quality of life and rich cultural heritage of Greece make it a vibrant country with a relaxed way of life. It’s a true postcard for Europe, enjoyed by many from around the world thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate. The gastronomy, beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, festivals and warm, typically Mediterranean hospitality are all compelling reasons for moving to Greece. Compared to other European countries the Greek real estate market offers very appealing investment opportunities, and you can expect long-term capital appreciation from any of the properties available in Greece’s diverse real estate market: from charming traditional houses to unique and beautiful villas.

Why move to Greece

Before you decide whether to move to Greece, contact our team of experts. They will help you navigate through all the requirements, ensuring a smooth and fast process. Our knowledge and expertise in tax and legal matters guarantee every step is taken within the Greek legal framework. Enjoy this stunning destination and let us take care of all the rest.

Why move to Spain

Fast facts

The Mediterranean lifestyle provides quality of life and Greece holds one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Legendary stories such as the Odyssey, the adventures of Hercules, Mount Olympus, and the myth of Atlantis come from Greece. Heritage is important, reflected in the spiritual symbolism of the Greek flag. Famous astronomers and mathematicians developed the concepts of cosmology and geometry which we use today. Lastly, Greece has myriads of enchanting islands to discover, and 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Acropolis of Athens – it’s a country which never fails to delight.

Greece Country Map

  • Population: 10.36 million (2023 est.)
  • Capital City: Athens
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate, with mild and wet winters, and hot, dry summers.
  • Time Zone: GMT+3
  • Language: Greek
  • Country Code: +30
  • Currency: Euro
  • Economy: Tourism, shipping, industrial products, food and tobacco processing, textiles, chemicals, metal products, and petroleum.
  • GDP Per/Cap: $22,594.68 (est. 2023)
  • Borders: Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Republic of North Macedonia


Greece blends the smooth Mediterranean way of life with a vibrant and welcoming sense of community: a perfect place to emigrate. There is so much in Greece which contributes to its appeal from an investor’s point of view. The key is to understand all these characteristics and make informed and wise decisions.

Why move to Greece
Cost of Living - Greece

Cost of living

When compared to other European countries, Greece has an affordable cost of living. Looking at house prices and other costs, investors find many attractive and affordable locations. As you might expect, Athens, the capital, is the most expensive location.

Safety in Greece


With a low crime rate, Greece is among the safest countries to visit in 2023, especially in smaller towns and rural areas, where the numbers tend to drop even further. However, in bigger cities, such as Athens, it is always recommended to take normal precautions, especially in larger crowded areas.


Although Greece has a stable public and private healthcare service, it is advisable to have health insurance that has full coverage and access to all medical services. The comprehensive healthcare system provides routine check-ups and other medical services free of charge.

Greece - Education


Greece has an ancient cultural background, which leads to the country’s prestigious universities and well-developed education system. With international schools available, and a variety of academic activities, it is the perfect country for an expat family to settle in – with peace of mind.

Greek Language


Greek is one of the world's most ancient languages still spoken to this day. Learning some basic sentences will help you interact and integrate with the community. Due to the country’s popularity as a tourist destination, English is widely spoken, mostly in larger cities and among the younger generations.

Currency 92349184

Money and taxes

Between 2001 and 2002 Greece officially adapted the EURO € as its official currency. The country has a progressive tax system, meaning the tax rate increases with higher income. However, Greece also has many agreements with other countries to avoid double taxation. It is wise for investors to seek financial advisory to understand tax implications.

Popular Destinations

Popular Destinations

Immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle of Greece. Experience the perfect blend of culture, history, stunning landscapes, and amazing beaches with unforgettable sunsets. In this country you will find tranquility, relaxation, luxury, picturesque towns, gastronomic experiences, traditional celebrations, and vibrant opportunities for connecting with the local community. Greece is also a real estate paradise, having a variety of houses for sale to make your dreams come true. Find below what Greece has to offer.
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Do I Need a Visa to Move to Greece?

Citizens of the European Union (EU) and citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) have the right to live, work, and invest in the Greek market without a visa or residency permit. On the other hand, non-EU/ EEA citizens require a visa plus a residency permit to move to Greece or to invest in the country. Though the most popular investment option is through real estate, Greece offers investors multiple investment options to obtain the Greece Golden Visa.

Moving to Greece as an EU citizen

Citizens of any country located in the European Union (EU), or the European Economic Area (EEA) have the right to live, work and invest in the Greek market, without the need of a visa or residency permit.

Moving to Greece as a non-EU citizen

Non-EU/EEA citizens require a visa permit to move to Greece or to invest in the country. Though the most popular investment option is through real estate, Greece offers multiple investment options to obtain a Greece Golden Visa.

Moving to Greece Through Investment Visa Programs

If you are an investor looking for more than just a temporary visit, the Greece Golden Visa provides an appealing opportunity for you and your family. The Golden Visa program emerged as an exclusive opportunity in 2014 and has quickly gained popularity due to its affordability and extensive recognition. This form of Residency by Investment program in Greece boasts numerous advantages and a straightforward application process. There are many factors driving investors to consider obtaining a Greece Golden Visa, so it is vital to fully understand the details involved in the process.

How can I gain Citizenship in Greece?

Beyond providing access to the European Union, this respected venture also opens doors towards acquiring citizenship and enjoying a range of travel privileges. With its numerous benefits and exceptional value proposition, the Greece Golden Visa Program stands as a highly advantageous investment choice for those considering residency.

How to obtain Permanent Residency in Greece?

To obtain a Permanent Residency in Greece, you first need to find a Residency program that you want to invest in – We recommend the Investment through Real Estate. After applying for residency, you will need to fulfill the country’s requirements related to the program, such as keeping the investment in the country for five years. After this period, you can apply for Permanent Residency or Citizenship.

Investing in Greek Real Estate

Investing in Greek Real Estate

Perhaps you wish to travel more freely around the European Union, or maybe you are not happy with circumstances within your home country. Or maybe you simply wish to enjoy tax benefits. Well, you can have all three at once – through the Greece Residency by Investment Program. The country has a range of homes for sale, from traditional to modern houses, apartments, villas, and rural estates. To invest, you will need legal assistance and advisors in real estate to guide you towards the perfect location and a personalized choice of properties. There are numerous financing options and tax implications, so expert advice is highly recommended. Investment Visa offers you the best professional advice and will be by your side should you decide that the Greece Golden Visa Program is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greece is a country undeniably shaped by its rich, vast history and culture, something that can be felt across all the Greek cities, each having its own unique identity and charm. Greek cuisine proves a shining example, featuring many different healthy recipes, which include plenty of olive oil, and all sorts of meats, seafood and vegetables. The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea has also allowed its people to enjoy a relaxed way of life. All of these are reflections of the high quality of life in Greece.

No. Even though Greece has a complex bureaucratic system, the transition can still prove to be smooth and fast. At Investment Visa we have an entire team of experts dedicated and ready to help you throughout the whole process. Backed by years of experience, they know how to navigate those aspects of investing in Greece which can have complications. They can also help you acquire all the necessary documentation for your move. All of our advisors will provide the best and most suitable Real Estate properties for you and your investment needs.

Yes. If you are thinking of moving to Greece, you can bring your family with you. The Greece Golden Visa program covers the investor, the spouse, any children under 21 years of age, and the parents of both the investor and the spouse. The situation might differ if you have anyone else with you who is financially dependent. Consult with us at Investment Visa to find out more on this subject, and to access our help in navigating any complex bureaucracy

Yes. The Greece Golden Visa program seeks to attract significant amounts of capital into the country’s economy in exchange for Residency. So, there is no need to have a job if you are relocating to Greece through the Golden Visa framework. Furthermore, the program specifically mentions that the investor is not able to be employed directly in Greece but is able to receive dividends from a Greek-registered company.

Compared to Europe as a whole, Greece is a haven of affordability.
Athens, Greece’s beating heart, teems with history and captivates you at every corner with mysteries begging to be unveiled.
Patras serves as a gateway to Italy, on enjoyable sea-going ferry trips. Patras also stands on its own, as the bastion of the iconic, joyful Carnival and its booming nightlife.
Corfu is an island known for its rugged landscapes of hills and mountains, a hub for the rich diversity found in all of Greece.
Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is home to the best Real Estate market in Greece and offers a vibrant social scene and culture.
Santorini, an island dotted with a myriad of white, blue-topped, buildings, provides you with the most breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea.

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, the best way to move to Greece is through the Greece Golden Visa program. If you are attracted to the benefits of this program, you must consider the initial investment of €250,000 for most regions of Greece and further associated fees. Contact us on Investment Visa to find out more.

Yes, you can, though it ultimately depends on what your plans are. English is widely spoken in Greece, serving as a bridge for communication, especially in the cities, the tourist areas, and among expat communities of all languages. If you are looking to relocate long term to Greece you will find life easier if you learn enough Greek to get by. Consider Greece has its own alphabet, and everything is written in it, including government laws and street signage. However, if you only intend to rent your property and visit Greece occasionally, it is not necessary.



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