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Living in Türkiye: Pros and Cons

The Pros

Türkiye's geographical positioning allows it to claim the title of being both a European and Asian country – a unique advantage of living in Türkiye, with expats being able to easily reach most worldwide destinations from Türkiye, the perfect homebase. However, international connectivity is far from the only benefit of living in Türkiye.

Mediterranean Influences: History and Landscapes

The Mediterranean lapping up the southern Turkish shores for centuries has undeniably influenced the Turkish lifestyle, as it once served as the gateway for the countless cultures that have shaped Türkiye into what it is today. Witness historical sites, stunning monuments, and travel to the past with the myriad of Byzantine, Roman, Greek, and Ottoman influences strewn across the Turkish architecture, streets, and the very way of Turkish life. The Mediterranean is also responsible for many of Türkiye's iconic, gorgeous landscapes, lending it pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters stunning enough to rival those of Italy and Greece.

Turkish Passport & Citizenship by Investment Program

Türkiye reveals its willingness to embrace foreign nationals with its Citizenship by Investment program, which offers a straightforward path to Citizenship and the Turkish passport at its end. The best about this particular program is that Citizenship can be obtained with a property purchase valued at least USD $400,000, enabling you to both have a second passport – which increases your global mobility – and a second house – perfect for a Plan B solution.

Lower Cost of Living

Life in Türkiye will be easier on the wallet due to the lower cost of living in Türkiye. The open-sourced database Numbeo estimates that a family of 4 can survive in Türkiye for about USD $1800 per month, excluding rental costs, which is not applicable when owning your own house, providing a large leeway to lead an expat life of luxury in Türkiye.


The Cons

There is no perfect country on Earth. Each has its own set of issues. Some problems are arguably more serious than others – for example, political instability, high levels of criminal activity, and worsening climate conditions. In comparison, all the “bad” things about living in Türkiye only require integration, adaptation, and keeping an open mind. 

Language Barrier

The language barrier might be one of the largest hurdles of life in Türkiye. Education First’s (EF) English Proficiency Index places Türkiye in the 66th position, ranking it as “Low Proficiency.” You will find English speakers more easily in the largest cities and bustling tourist areas, but the local communities will typically only know Turkish and have limited English proficiency. For instance, handling trivial details such as taking care of an electric bill over the phone might prove a difficult challenge. If you do not have a good grasp of Turkish, it is always a good idea to hire a professional translator or interpreter when it comes to government-related bureaucracies.

Cultural Differences

Türkiye is a secular country and respects liberal freedoms as much as any other Western country. However, the vast majority of its population identifies as Muslim. There will undoubtedly be some conservative areas that prefer and practice traditional values, but not so much in the more European-like cities of Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, and Ankara. While this is not necessarily a con by itself, it may generate a general sense of disconnection and discomfort.

Difficulty in Finding “Western” Products

Moving to Türkiye will require some dietary adjustments, especially if you are used to a more Western-style diet. For example, since the country’s population is mostly Muslim, pork and pork-related products, like bacon, are difficult to find. Other food products like coconut oil and milk, natural peanut butter, yellow cheese, pita bread, among several others, are surprisingly difficult to find. On the bright side, Turkish cuisine is a delight, and is typically ranked among the best in the world. Internationally renowned clothing brands might also be more difficult to stumble upon, since Turkish brands dominate the market.


Move to Türkiye and get a Second Passport with Investment Visa

For all its pros and cons, at the end of the day, Türkiye is an underrated country deserving of consideration for those seeking a second passport, increased global mobility, and a Plan B for the future. The Turkish passport ranks #38 in the Global Passport Index, enabling visa-free travel to more than 120 countries worldwide. Even though Türkiye is not within the European Union, Turkish citizens have an overall easier time in obtaining a Type D Schengen Visa for long-term stays in the Schengen Zone.  

Considering all the advantages of living in Türkiye, the readily available platform of the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment program, and the fact the Turkish Real Estate market is at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to clear any doubts and chase the coveted second passport you have been thinking about. 

Investment Visa is here to help you achieve it. Comprised of industry veterans, our company is the Global Leader in Residency & Citizenship by Investment programs. Together, our advisors hold multiple decades of experience, and we are proud to have led thousands of investors to their perfect investment immigration solution, whether it is for global mobility or a futureproof Plan B. 

Fill out our query forms, join our legions of satisfied clients, become a Turkish citizen in no time, and unlock your brighter future with Investment Visa.


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