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Cheapest Caribbean Islands to Live

Cost of Living in the Caribbean - Are the Islands Cheap?

Thousands of tourists, visitors, and expats are drawn each year to the Caribbean, yet some shy away due to the perception that this dreamy life is too expensive. While certain places can be pricey, the least expensive Caribbean islands could be the best option. Spending your days on white sandy beaches is far easier than you might think and could be just a decision away from being your reality. 

Stretching from the highly populated Hispanic nations in the Caribbean to the English and French-speaking countries you will find nations such as the amazing Jamaica, or the incredible Bahamas. Smaller islands such as the British Virgin Islands present a diversity of captivating locations that beckon foreigners to consider Residency. The key question remains - which among these destinations stands out as the most budget-friendly place to live?  

We have prepared an exclusive list of the finest islands in the Caribbean Sea. Check out our selection below! 

The Cheapest Caribbean Islands to Live On

If you are contemplating the idea of residing, or investing in Caribbean property, it is crucial to thoroughly explore all your options. Investment Visa recommends the following five most affordable Caribbean paradises, where your budget can stretch further, and where you can obtain the most optimal return on your investment. These recommendations aim to guide you toward the most cost-effective yet appealing islands for a potential residence or investment venture. 

Landscape of St. Kitts.


Dominica’s affordable lifestyle makes it one of the cheapest islands in the Caribbean, proving extremely suitable for many. The basic expenses of living in Dominica, whether in terms of rent, property acquisition, or local market purchases, are very budget-friendly compared to any region of the United States or Western European countries.  

Perfect for individuals looking for a slower way of life or retirement, Dominica presents an ideal solution. For instance, according to Numbeo, monthly expenses for a couple are approximately USD $2,000, not accounting for rent. For a single individual with an active lifestyle, the monthly expenditure goes as low as USD $900, excluding rent. Discover more about the cost of living in this truly stunning country on our Moving to Dominica page.

Dominica Real Estate & Accommodation

The Real Estate prices in this Caribbean sanctuary are notably lower than on other islands. While the cost may vary according to the features of the chosen property, acquiring Real Estate with a minimum investment of USD $200,000 will enable the investor to apply for Dominica’s citizenship. Investment Visa specialists can guide you to properties qualifiable for the Dominica Citizenship Golden Visa, gathering the most profitable opportunities, with the best exit strategy available. If renting is what you are looking for in Dominica, prepare yourself for a monthly cost that may vary between USD $300 to USD $1,500, considering a modest place in the city center or close to the beach.

Food, Drinks & Entertainment in Dominica

Compared to the reality in the United States or Europe, grocery expenses in Dominica are extremely affordable. Regional items like rice, fresh bread, local cheese, fresh fruits, and vegetables are more budget-friendly than imported products, although those are also reachable for most of the population. Goods such as milk and clothing tend to be pricier, but still cheaper than in other countries of the Caribbean. Keeping to local goods, foods and products is the best way maintain a healthier, balanced budget.  

Dominica offers a low-stress environment and a slower-paced daily life. With access to pure air and fresh foods, pristine rivers suitable for drinking directly, and diverse landscapes boasting breathtaking vistas, the Island has nurtured a strong and healthy population, including over 20 centenarian citizens.

dominica harbour


Jamaica is normally considered one of the best places for vacationing in the Caribbean. The country fosters a low-stress environment and a leisurely-paced daily life. In the same way, it also offers a great culture and musical tradition. The island boasts diverse and multicultural cities, such as Kingston, its capital. Famous for the creation of the SKA and Reggae, Jamaica is a place to be for music enthusiasts. According to the website Numbeo, the monthly expenses for a couple would be approximately USD $1,800, excluding rent.

Jamaica Real Estate & Accommodation

Exploring the real estate and accommodation landscape in Jamaica reveals a diverse range of options suitable for various preferences and needs. From cozy homes in dense cities to strategic investment opportunities in resorts close to the beach, Jamaica offers a vibrant and dynamic real estate market. The availability of properties spans from the serene countryside to great urban centers, catering to those seeking residential comfort or engaging in property ventures.

Food, Drinks & Entertainment in Jamaica

In contrast to the realities of the United States or Europe, grocery expenses in Jamaica are notably more affordable. Basic products such as rice, fresh bread, local cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables come at budget-friendly prices compared to imported products, which remain accessible to most of the population. Opting for locally sourced options is always recommended to adhere to a cost-effective budget. According to Numbeo, a single meal in a restaurant in Jamaica is as cheap as USD $7.

Antigua and Barbuda

Located in the heart of the Eastern Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda is known for its white sand beaches, tropical climate, and laid-back lifestyle. In the same way as Dominica, the cost of living in this Caribbean destination is at least 30 percent lower than that of the United States and Western European countries. Consisting of two different Islands, Antigua in the South, and Barbuda in the North, they offer modern life utilities, and several activities to entertain locals, tourists, and visitors. Antigua and Barbuda has a low cost of living, and while it is not the most affordable option in the Caribbean, it is cheaper than most countries in the world.

According to Numbeo, the monthly expenditure for a single person is around USD $1,200, not accounting for rent. The cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda is approximately USD $2,000, excluding rent, per month for a couple.

Antigua and Barbuda Real Estate & Accommodation

The property market in Antigua and Barbuda is noticeably more affordable when compared to other countries. Generally considered one of the safest Caribbean countries, Antigua and Barbuda is a wonderful place to relocate as a solo traveler or with a family. The property costs may fluctuate based on the features, but by investing a minimum of USD $200,000 in real estate, investors become eligible for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

If you are seeking a rental option in Antigua and Barbuda, anticipate a monthly expense ranging from USD $700 to USD $1,500. This estimate considers properties in modest locations, whether in the city center or near the coastline, as per data revealed by Numbeo.

Food, Drinks & Entertainment in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda invites all to experience its laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. While you immerse yourself in this island's sunshine and warmth, you can explore 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. There you can enjoy a chance to embrace activities such as hiking and off-roading or on the sea, by sailing, snorkeling, and surfing.

The daily life costs are remarkably affordable, and the local products' precedence makes it even better. Fresh fruits, fish, and meat from the islands are common in the local cuisine. For example, a meal in a restaurant will rarely go over USD $10. This approach makes life in Antigua and Barbuda easygoing.

antigua barbuda shirley heights landscape

St. Lucia

Embark on an affordable lifestyle in St. Lucia, a Caribbean Island that rivals Grenada in cost-effectiveness. The cost of living in St. Lucia is lower than in many countries in the United States and Europe. The country boasts a tax-friendly environment, with no capital gains, inheritance, or wealth tax on worldwide income.

St. Lucia offers affordability and a high quality of life with numerous activities and attractions. Grocery costs depend on the choice between local or imported foods. Local produce is cheaper, while imported products are pricier than in the United States. Rent prices vary by location; for example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Castries’ city center costs around USD $560 per month. Outside the city center, it is approximately USD $250 per month, as per data available on Numbeo.

St. Lucia Real Estate & Accommodation

St. Lucia presents an affordable real estate market that caters to both solo adventurers and families. With diverse property options spanning various budgets, there is a choice for everyone. Investing in St. Lucia's real estate not only secures a property but also opens avenues for Citizenship status—a significant advantage for prospective investors.

Food, Drinks & Entertainment in St. Lucia

Dive into St. Lucia's relaxed atmosphere, exploring culinary delights and recreational joys. Whether hiking through lush landscapes or indulging in water adventures like snorkeling and sailing, St. Lucia invites you to embrace its charm. The local cuisine, highlighting fresh produce and seafood, offers a memorable dining experience. According to the data available on Numbeo, restaurant prices rarely exceed USD $15, and every meal becomes a part of St. Lucia's captivating daily life.

st lucia panorama


Experience an affordable lifestyle in Grenada, one of the most cost-effective Caribbean islands. Whether it is education, real estate, groceries, or dining, the cost of living in Grenada is significantly lower compared to the United States and other Caribbean islands. Enjoy a meal in a local and inexpensive restaurant for around USD $8 or indulge in a three-course meal in a mid-size restaurant for USD $80 for two people.

Rent prices in Grenada vary, with a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costing around USD $760 per month and approximately USD $390 per month in the countryside. If you are considering property ownership, the price range starts at USD $160,000.

Grenada Estate & Accommodation

Grenada unveils an accessible real estate market that accommodates solo seekers and families alike. With diverse property options spanning various budgets, there is a suitable choice for every preference. Investing a minimum of USD $220,000 in Grenada's real estate will not only secure a property but also open pathways to second citizenship, a compelling feature for those considering investment.

Food, Drinks & Entertainment in Grenada

Immerse yourself in Grenada's easygoing ambiance, savoring culinary delights and leisurely pleasures. Whether strolling through scenic landscapes or indulging in water activities like snorkeling and sailing, Grenada beckons you to absorb its charm. The local cuisine, highlighting fresh produce and seafood, crafts a memorable dining experience. With restaurant prices rarely going beyond USD $15, each meal weaves into Grenada's enchanting daily life.

Caribbean islands offer the Most Affordable Citizenship Programs

When considering Caribbean citizenship, it is essential to explore options that are both economically viable and inclusive. The journey towards Caribbean citizenship becomes possible through designed programs that cater to diverse financial capacities. Among the choices available in our list, specific Caribbean islands such as St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, and Dominica distinguish themselves by offering some of the most budget-friendly Citizenship by Investment programs.

These initiatives in the Caribbean region go beyond the mere simplification of the citizenship acquisition process; they present a compelling fusion of affordability and appealing advantages, such as tax benefits, a fast exit strategy, and profitable returns on investment. These programs emerge as outstanding choices for individuals aspiring to not only secure Caribbean citizenship but also to cultivate noteworthy established businesses in an international scenario, as well as a lasting presence in the vibrant and diverse Caribbean community.


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