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Mediterranean Living: The Best Places for a Long and Healthy Life

The Mediterranean Lifestyle

You may be wondering - how exactly has the Mediterranean Sea impacted its surrounding countries? To simply put it, they would be unrecognizable without it. The Mediterranean has been at the foundation for the cultural identity certain countries have built over the centuries.

It has had a hand in the type of produced and cultivated foods, influencing a healthier diet - which prioritizes nutrient-rich, natural, and whole foods, full of micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The diet is a fundamental pillar of the entire Mediterranean Lifestyle, and it is far from a strict dietary plan to be followed.

Instead, the region’s natural abundance of fruits, fish, vegetables, and the staple use of olive oil – one of the healthiest to cook with – has massively contributed to the general population’s tendency to have lower risks of developing heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, cancers, and other terminal illnesses. A healthier diet, made possible by the Mediterranean life, also leads to a more energized daily life, better mood & sleep at night, and overall increased happiness.


The calm demeanor the Mediterranean is known for, plus the sun constantly shining brightly high in the sky has led countries bathed by this Sea to develop a naturally less-stressful lifestyle. It sometimes feels like truly traveling to an entirely different world, where you are given perspective and suddenly any concerns you might have about life are just not as important. With stress being among the most common causes of death in our modern and hectic lives, it is no wonder people living in Mediterranean countries, who usually prioritize life’s pleasures and relaxation, live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Since stress is not a worrisome concern, and the sun shines boundlessly in the Mediterranean countries, there is a natural predisposition to engage in social activities. Even small things like just talking to other people are quite essential for our livelihood. Humans are social creatures, quite literally needing each other not just to survive, but to enjoy life to the fullest. Without friends and family, there are no connections, no common grounds, no sense of belonging – all of which can lead to the development of mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety. In the Mediterranean, spending time with friends and family is not only encouraged, but also the norm.

family vacation mediterranean sea

With so many Mediterranean countries being the product of thousands of years of history, there are towns, villages and cities that have grown naturally over time, allowing natural and man-made beauties to blend, and become one. Hence many streets are pedestrian-focused, and the reliance on cars and other motor vehicles is not as necessary. Walking and other forms of physical activity are an absolute requirement for leading a healthier life, as it reduces and delays the risks of developing heart, mobility, brain, and muscular diseases. Moreover, several Mediterranean cities have dedicated green spaces, like gardens and parks, with free equipment for the public to use and exercise with. Physical activity is also proven to reduce stress levels, maintain a healthy weight and improve the mood and happiness – and it is generally encouraged and a part of everyday Mediterranean life.

With so many pros in its favor, only one question remains: what are the countries that embody the Mediterranean lifestyle the most?

Greece: Idyllic Island Living

greece-healthy-dinner.webpAny list of Mediterranean countries would always be incomplete without Greece. The ancient country, which has birthed democracy, is behind many of the fundamental pillars of the Mediterranean lifestyle. For instance, Greek cuisine, which is often celebrated as one of the tastiest in the world, is entirely supported by fresh, locally sourced, whole foods ingredients, producing simple, yet rich and flavorful dishes. Some of the most iconic dishes, like the moussaka, souvlaki, and tzatziki are entirely made from meats like lamb and chicken, and from vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts – all with the olive oil bringing the entire dish together. As a staple of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the Greek cuisine is one of the main contributors behind the Greeks’ health and longevity.

Greece makes it exceptionally easy for expats and investors around the world to relocate and experience a healthier life in the Mediterranean with its Greek Golden Visa, a program that enables Residency status to be unlocked through a Real Estate purchase.


Malta: Community Life


Malta is an often-forgotten Mediterranean gem, though by no means any less deserving to be in this list. Life in Malta is all about the relationships and connections you forge, not only with friends, but with family. The Maltese are a vastly interconnected people, and a strong sense of community stands as one of the most important cultural cornerstones in Malta. It is quite common for extended families to live near each other, for multigenerational families to live together in the same house, and for gatherings to occur every other day, to celebrate life together while accompanied by a tasty and savory meal.

The importance Malta places upon family is reflected across both its Residency and Citizenship programs, as applying third-country citizens can include several generations of their family to come and enjoy life in Malta with them.



Cyprus: Slowing Down and Relaxing


Cyprus is a rarely mentioned country when it comes to living in the Mediterranean. Life in Cyprus unfolds at a slower, leisurely pace, where the right now is more important than what has passed or may yet to come. Work-life balance is a priority in Cyprus, allowing ample time for winding down and relax. Anyone living in Cyprus will automatically feel their quality of life and see their health improve considerably. It also helps that, because of the country’s smaller size, the Mediterranean and its stunning, peaceful views are never too far from wherever you might be.

Third-country citizens have a considerable facilitated path to Cyprus with the existence of a Golden Visa Residency by Investment program exclusively tied to Real Estate, letting expats come to enjoy life in the Mediterranean with their own house in Cyprus.



Türkiye: Keeping Fit and Active


Sitting against the far Eastern Mediterranean lies Türkiye, a rare country which manages to seamlessly blend and fuse European, Asian, and Middle Eastern aspects into a unique culture. One of the particular aspects that it stands among the Turkish people is that they are always on the move. Not necessarily from being in a rush or because of stress, but rather for pleasure. Walking, hiking, and even traditional Turkish dances are an excellent way of keeping the body moving and engaging in physical activity. Türkiye's love for sports, especially football (soccer) is known worldwide, and fantastically fervent in the country. The effects are so contagious that you will undoubtedly find yourself wanting to score some goals of your own.

With Türkiye's unique Citizenship by Investment program, expats & investors have a unique opportunity to both enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle and to become passport holders via the purchase of a house in the country.


Life in the Mediterranean Region: The Perfect Move for Your Family

Despite being different countries, both on a cultural and social level, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Türkiye all share the Mediterranean – and its effect is powerful. No matter where you might end up, you will feel compelled to embark on a new lifestyle, one which will most likely stick with you throughout your life.

With a high focus on a healthy diet, being physically active, and just enjoying life with friends and family, it is no wonder people in the Mediterranean live longer and healthier lives – the kind of life that will make everyone in your family to realize that happiness is really about the small things in life.

The tiebreaker, ultimately, might come to the Residency or Citizenship program. Knowing the type of life you will be able to have in the Mediterranean countries, you can ask yourself: how else can I further benefit from this? With Residency or Citizenship, am I able to travel to more countries? Do I prioritize having a Plan B or truly settling down in another country? With these and so many other questions that can arise in the meantime, you can rest assured that Investment Visa has the answers for you. Simply fill out a query form below, and our representatives will reach out to you.


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