Best Countries to Move from the USA

As the world becomes more connected every day, traveling has been made effortless. Moving to another country is no longer the daunting task it once was. Globalization has played a key role in facilitating immigration movements around the world. Bearing this in mind, American citizens are more willing to take the plunge and move abroad, no matter the age range, from young entrepreneurs seeking to expand their opportunities to retirees aiming to enjoy their golden years, and everyone else in between. The ease of traveling abroad definitely contributes, but there are more reasons why so many Americans decide to leave behind their home country.

Why are Americans moving abroad?

Moving abroad is always an intimately personal choice. It is impossible to list every single reason why a person might decide to leave behind their country of origin. Most of the time, moving abroad is entirely subjective to each individual.

However, there is a clear pattern in migration movements around the world: Americans are leaving the United States to move abroad. While the United States may be one of the best countries in the world, a fair share of its Citizens are deciding to settle elsewhere.

Among the countless personal reasons an American citizen could have in moving abroad, there seems to be an uptick in Americans wanting to embrace a more laidback and relaxed lifestyle. Countries like this often tend to have a more prevalent sunnier climate, where the pressure and the stresses of everyday life are not as heavily felt.


In a more interconnected world, foreign companies are always on the lookout for the best talent. Some Americans take distinct advantage of this and move abroad because new working opportunities are everywhere around the globe, presenting a platform for career advancement.

Others are moving due to the increasingly complex social situation in the United States. Between a higher cost of living, criminal occurrences in everyday life, the country’s complicated healthcare system, and rising social tensions, more Americans are deciding to move to more peaceful countries.

On an economic level, the United States is one of the few countries on earth that taxes its people based on Citizenship status. Even if they are currently residing in another country, U.S. citizens must pay taxes regardless. This, in turn, is causing some American nationals to give up their citizenship and look elsewhere for a citizenship solution.

Regardless of the reasons, Americans are definitely on the move, and for those who want to leave the question is: what are the best countries to move from the United States?

What are the Best Countries to move to from the USA?

The following list comprises the best countries for Americans to move to, though there is no particular order to them. There is something in this list for everyone, ranging from sun-soaked landscapes, breathtaking vistas, unique cultures, and tasty and diverse cuisines to laidback and safe environments. Besides offering an alternative to life in the United States, all of the following also represent significant investment opportunities, including the possibility of acquiring a second residency or citizenship status.


Portugal is among the best European countries for Americans to move to. It is considerably more affordable than the United States, and the cost of living is approximately 30% to 40% lower. Even so, Portugal, as part of Western Europe, boasts a strong, developed infrastructure with a universal healthcare system, accessible by residents and citizens.

According to the 2023 Global Peace Index, Portugal was the 7th safest country in the world, making it the ideal country to establish a second residency for a safe haven. With a climate offering more than 300 days of sunshine, and countless amazing beaches, especially in the Algarve region, the country resembles a “European California”, inviting American expats to stay and feel at home. Portugal is also the westernmost country in continental Europe, providing plenty of direct flights to the United States.

Praia da Marinha in Algarve

Communication will not be an issue at all, as Portuguese people are not only friendly, but also extremely proficient in English, especially in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve region. Coincidentally, this is where most international and private schools can be found, which is essential for families seeking to relocate and be able to maintain an excellent internet connection for their remote work. It is also one of the easiest countries for Americans to move to, thanks to its Residency by Investment programs, especially the Portugal D2 Visa, which currently offers the fastest path to EU Citizenship.


Greece emerges as another European option, and the one to choose to live the Mediterranean lifestyle to the fullest. With one of the best cuisines in the world, centered around the use of olive oil, life in Greece is more relaxed, family-oriented, and the place to be for incredible sights, golden beaches, and ancient cultural landmarks. 

It is an increasingly more common option for Americans, thanks in large part to its Golden Visa program, which makes Greece one of the easiest countries to move from the United States. The Greece Golden Visa grants legal Residency status to an entire family through the purchase of Real Estate starting at €250,000. 

As an EU country part of the Eurozone, Greece boasts a strong, stable economy and political scenario with a vast and reliable infrastructure at a considerably lower cost. In comparison, American expats can expect to spend around 20% to 40% for the same things they would in the United States. 

Greece also boasts a public and universal healthcare system, and international American schools, mostly found in the Athens region. Families seeking to relocate will have no issues integrating with the local communities, especially in the more rural locations, where there are fewer people, and more privacy, but also closer ties to be forged.


Without a doubt, the sunniest country in all of Europe, Spain is the best choice for sun-starved expats seeking to get some much-needed vitamin D. The Canary and Balearic Islands are a hotspot vacation destination for American retirees where the sun shines the brightest and the waters are the warmest. English is widely spoken in these particular regions, though noticeably less so in the mainland. Spain is also the most climactically diverse country in Europe, thus also offering solutions for expats fonder of snow, mountains, and skiing.

With iconic international cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, opportunities are boundless, whether for solo entrepreneurs or families, and the ground is set for relocation. Like Greece, Spain also has a Real Estate-oriented Golden Visa program, enabling purchased properties for €500,000 to qualify for Residency status, which is the first step toward Spanish and EU Citizenship. At the time of the publishing of this article, the Spanish passport is the second most powerful in the world.

Following the Southern European trend, Spain is also considerably more affordable, even if slightly more expensive than Portugal and Greece. American expats working remotely to the United States will find themselves spending around 30% less.

Landscape of Lloret de Mar in Spain


Malta is an often-forgotten Mediterranean gem but one American expats ought to reconsider for relocation. Between having English as one of its official languages, and the surrounding Mediterranean’s mesmerizing blue waters, the country truly feels like paradise on Earth. Even though it is an island country, Malta boasts a strong and reliable infrastructure, powerful enough to be part of the European Union, with a universal healthcare system, and an excellent public education system.

Malta also has the distinct particularity of offering two investment visa programs. While one provides Residency status, the other paves the way for Citizenship, creating a straightforward path for a wider array of expats seeking alternative citizenship in an EU country. Both the programs are exclusive for property investment, enabling U.S. citizens to settle down in Malta with their own home, and revealing this European country to be one of the easiest countries for Americans to move to.

As a Southern European country, the cost of living in Malta is also comparably lower than Spain, and even more so than in the United States. Working remotely to the United States, American citizens can expect to spend anywhere between 30% to 50% less than they would back home.



Cyprus emerges yet as another compelling Southern European country for American citizens seeking to create their new home. This island nation, tucked away in the Eastern corners of the Mediterranean, arises as the perfect combination of natural beauty, cultural wealth, year-round sunny weather, and economic stability.

Moving to Cyprus also means relocating to an EU country, which offers access to one of the world’s largest markets. Though not yet in the Schengen Zone, Cyprus is expected to join it in a few years' time, revealing the boundless potential the Cypriot passport will hold in the future. It also means Cyprus boasts a strong economy, adhering to the EURO as its official currency, a sign of prosperity and integration into the larger European market. Other signs of the country’s reliability include a strong infrastructure, especially in the country’s universal healthcare system and public education systems.

Accessing an affordable lifestyle in Cyprus is extremely achievable through the country’s Golden Visa program, which grants Residency status, and the opportunity to live in Cyprus. This investment immigration program is available through the purchase of Real Estate, further cementing Cyprus as one of the best countries for Americans to move to and settle as their second home.

Landscape of Limassol in Cyprus

The Caribbean

Though they each have their own distinct cultural identity, the following Caribbean countries share a remarkable number of characteristics. For example, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia all recognize English as their official language, which makes them among the easiest countries for Americans to move to. Besides sharing the same language, the local communities of each of the Caribbean countries are extremely friendly people, used to the presence of expats who contribute heavily to each country’s economy.

However, the major draw of each of the individual Caribbean countries is the promise of paradise on Earth. Antigua and Barbuda, for example, has 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. Dominica is filled with unspoiled swathes of nature, making them ideal locations for American expats seeking to reconnect with the world and get away from the stressful environment of their everyday lives.

Furthermore, the previously mentioned countries offer Citizenship by Investment programs: official mechanisms designed to attract foreign investment by offering a straight path to Citizenship. According to the Global Passport Index, the Caribbean countries rank within the Top 50 most powerful passports since they hold positive relationships with many others across the world.

Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia also extend a series of tax benefits to its citizens. Though a more in-depth examination is always advisable for each country’s specific laws, the Caribbean countries tend to offer no tax on wealth, capital gains, inheritance, gift, and many more, which is always a plus, especially for Americans looking to give up their Citizenship due to tax reasons.

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How to legally move out of the USA?

While the United States continues to be a dream for many, its Citizens are increasingly aware there are better options out there for everyday life. With other modern countries boasting the same, or in some cases, even higher levels of infrastructure and public services at a lower cost, it becomes only a matter of what country to choose and how to move out from the United States.

Investment immigration programs are the perfect platform for American citizens to legally move out and begin anew in a different country. All the previously mentioned best countries from the USA provide these programs.

Investment immigration programs, also commonly referred to as Golden Visas, usually come in two formats: Residency by Investment (RBI), or Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

RBI programs are present in Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, and Cyprus. However, these EU countries also provide paths to Citizenship after a set amount of time has passed, allowing American expats the opportunity to acquire a second, sometimes, more powerful passport. The CBI initiatives are more prevalent in the Caribbean, though Malta also has one of its own. The key difference between these types of programs is the lawful status they grant applicants. At the end of the process, expats either become respectively Residents or Citizens.

Family in Greece by Mediterranean Sea

Considering each of them is economically less powerful than the United States, entry to the RBI or CBI programs tends to be more affordable for American citizens. As many of them offer Real Estate options, these countries are the ones to choose to either permanently move out from the USA or to use them as a Plan B strategy. The benefits are countless regardless of choice.

Though the world is more global, and moving abroad is easier now than it has ever been in the past, it is still unwise to just jump the gun and not do more in-depth research about each country’s Golden Visa program. Most of the time, this is a time-consuming task, not to mention confusing, especially when it is in an entirely different language.

This is why contacting Investment Visa is the best decision for American citizens. With a team of industry veterans specialized in investment immigration programs across Europe and the Caribbean, each of the team’s advisors has made it their life’s work to understand these programs and use that knowledge to lead worldwide investors to a second residency or citizenship. Contact Investment Visa today and get started on your application!


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