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International Retirement: Best Places to Retire

The European Union (EU) is an outstanding location for retirees, with many countries and beautiful cities to discover. Several countries in the EU have received awards as the best places to retire in the world due to their comfortable pace of life, guaranteed safety, access to all sorts of amenities, and Residence by Investment Programs. Whether you prefer stunning beaches or beautiful landscapes in the countryside, even modern cities and picturesque towns and villages, you will find it all in the country of your choice. 

Another option for a peaceful retirement is the Caribbean islands. With its unique tropical charm, the Caribbean offers access to distinct Citizenship by Investment Programs. The ongoing development of the Caribbean is transforming this paradise into one of the best places to retire, with tropical forests, clear blue water beaches, vibrant traditions, and a warm and welcoming community. 

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Places to Live After Retirment: Facts to Consider

Before moving to a different country there are many facts to consider, including the cost of living. When choosing the best place to retire, you must balance your financial situation with your expectations and what the host country offers and asks of you. Investment Programs may be attractive, but requirements and lifestyle costs are crucial factors to consider. Once this part is complete, you can focus on the bright side of this new chapter of your life – you can start thinking of your dream house, for instance. 

Other factors to think about before you choose the destination are public healthcare, political and economic stability, security, cultural diversity, strategic location, global mobility, developed infrastructures, good transportation and connectivity organization, and appealing tax and legal framework. This can be a lot to process, and that is why at Investment Visa, we have a team of experts ready to guide you through this process and help you find the best investment program so that you can enjoy your retirement in the best place and make the best off it.

Best Places to Retire

European Union

The EU attracts many people looking for places to live after retirement. Residency by Investment programs offer many advantages, including visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, access to several countries' robust economies, and proximity to the booming Real Estate market. Along these lines, a better quality of life is another major factor, so we will explore three of the best places to retire in the EU. 

  • Greece has one of the best residence-by-investment programs, where retirees can secure and expand their wealth. The variety of options will please even the more demanding investors. Greece is a great destination to settle for your retirement. It boasts an amazing Investment Visa program, allowing you to become a Resident in the country if you invest EUR €250,000 and purchase a Real Estate property. It is one of the many nations that foster foreign investment and display a multitude of properties and places for you to live after retirement..

  • Portugal offers a low cost of life, with beautiful coastlines, strategic location, and cultural richness - despite the government's termination of its Golden Visa program, the country still permits retirees to move and access the NHR visa program, and investors to relocate using the D2 visa (for independent professional activity or immigrant entrepreneurs).

  • Spain has a great Golden Visa program, with a Real Estate purchase option starting at EUR €500,000 and a process that only takes 3 months to be completed. The Canary Islands, part of the Spanish territory and near to the African Coast, are known for their big retiree community. 

The Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands have the most straightforward Citizenship by Investment programs, and the difficulty arises when choosing the best Caribbean Island to retire. The slow-paced lifestyle of the islands, the beautiful tropical forests, stunning white sand beaches with blue warm waters, and the perfect climate all gather to represent a paradise for retirees.

  • Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect twin islands for those looking for tranquility and profitable investment. The white sandy beaches and the perfect year-long climate offer retirees’ memorable moments in this idyllic place. For investors, the islands display a safe and stable political and economic scenario, with many venture opportunities and guaranteeing your safety net.

  • Grenada benefits from its strategic location. It is the stage of many investments, trades, and successful ventures, if you want to spend your golden days making sure that your wealth is safe and expanding your portfolio, this is the best place to retire. Besides, the island is known to be a serene haven. Looking for peace and ground for investment? You found it.

Choose the Best Place and Enjoy your Retirement 

Retirement is a new chapter in your life, and it is normal for you to search for a place that grants you safety, access to global markets, and profitable investment opportunities. Each unique destination has advantages, making the decision process the most crucial step before choosing the best place to retire. Investment Visa can help you through this important transition, making it faster and smoother. Let us take care of everything and in the blink of an eye you will be in your dream house enjoying your golden years without a care in the world.



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