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Picturesque harbors are just an ordinary view while living in Greece.

The Pros of Living in Greece

Picture yourself in a luxurious coastal villa, enjoying the gentle sunny days, or in a comfortable townhouse, surrounded by culture and history, even in a tranquil small town with a stunning landscape. We will cover many of the pros that Greece has to offer you before you decide to move in!

Lively Lifestyle

The vibrant lifestyle of the islands dictates the character of the country, where blue skies melt into the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea, kissed by the warm sun that bathes the country all year long. If you are thinking of investing in Greece’s real estate, coastal retreats are alluring to investors looking for high flights – with watersports, amazing beaches, and lively nightlife.

The ever-evolving real estate world is focused on strategically placed locations, and this country is one of them. You can choose from a picturesque property, a townhouse, surrounded by a lively scenario, or a stunning coastal beach house – we are here to help you to make the best deal and benefit from it. Living in Greece as a foreigner can bring you many compensations, not only financial but lifestyle-worthy moments.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Greece has a grand cultural richness, as the country is marked by timeless monuments and sites, revealing its deep ancient history. In Athens, you can find the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena – considered the symbol of Greece – the Epidaurus Theater is the best-preserved ancient theatre in Greece and is known for its acoustics. Another remarkable monument is Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, featuring the Temple of Zeus and the ancient stadium.

You also cannot miss the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora of Athens, the Temple of Apollo, and the Minoan Pompeii – a city buried by a volcanic eruption on Santorini Island. Greece also has a range of museums dedicated to its culture. Located in Athens, you will find the National Historical Museum, the Benaki Museum, the Acropolis Museum, and the National Archaeological Museum. In Thessaloniki you can visit the Museum of Byzantine Culture, a display of Greek history. The country has many more historical sites for you to explore.

Growing Real Estate Market

The country is filled with hidden real estate gems, grand investment opportunities, and plenty of reasons why Greece is a good place to live. If you are a seasoned investor, seeking portfolio diversification, this is your chance to make a great deal. Through Residency by Investment, you can get access to a variety of properties, you just must choose the perfect location and then the property that suits your goals.

If these are your first steps into
real estate investment surely you will see fast and easy returns on it. The benefits of ownership will not only fulfill you but also generate profit. Imagine living in Greece with your family, enjoying your own property, the place to call home – your home. The rewards of cultural immersion will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. The country has a well-structured educational system, with international schools where English is taught since the early years.

Digital & Economic Boom

The boom of the economic scenario of the country helped improve several sectors, such as healthcare, education, culture, and lifestyle itself. Tourism and real estate stand as emerging markets that attract foreign money and investment, due to affordability, range of options and profits. 

You can now consider Greece a ‘high-tech’ country, with implemented digital platforms, and means for people to access fast and easy to services and products with just a click. From cultural development, creation of bridges between people, improvement of remote work, virtual payments, and digital learning (among others), the country benefits from a well-connected network.

Balance between Tradition and Modernity

Greece combines its traditional traces with innovation and modernity, promoting human connection, with a big concern when it comes to protect historic sights and Greek heritage in general. If you are thinking of moving to a beautiful country, with a rich culture, a booming technological scenario, and a growing tourism and real estate market, benefiting from perfect weather all year, and unique sights: Greece is your opportunity.

If you are thinking of moving or investing in a stunning country, benefiting from its ancient wisdom and cultural background, that is reflected in its traditions, warm and welcoming people all year. You found it – living here you will fulfill your dreams and exceed your expectations.

The Cons of Living in Greece

All Cons have a twist, and surely when you think of living in Greece as a foreigner a lot of struggles come to mind, but we are here to clear all that for you and help you see the bright side of every bump in the road. Greece still has a lot to offer, even when you think that the clouds are closing in.

Slow Paced Life

Greece’s uncomplicated way of life may seem a bit boring for those seeking excitement and adventure, especially in rural areas and small towns. These locations represent a more affordable option, with stunning landscapes, and a unique calmness and silence of Greek starry nights.

Making Greece your new home, investing in a flourishing country, either way you will enjoy both. The balance between modernity and tradition represents an enriching experience, a colorful book of memoirs that you will take close to your heart for all your life. You can make your own story, be a part of the people, and use their customs as yours. Live the real calm Greek life.

Language Barrier

Of course, language can be a barrier, especially if you do not know a thing, but see it from the other end: you can be taught. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, to learn from the best: Greeks themselves. While at it you will surely immerse yourself in the local culture and warm community. Festivals, reunions, gastronomic experiences, the act of sharing and coming together as part of the local society. 

You will be like the locals, benefiting from all the hidden gems kept from visitors and tourists. In Greece there are no Cons, just a unique way of seeing life. It will be more affordable and will grant you access to the most traditional places: to eat, to drink, to dance, to spend your spare time.

Poor Job Offer

Work is essential, you need to support yourself and your family, and the Greek job market isn’t at its best but let us put it from another perspective: remote work, sounds good? Thre are a lot of job offers that do not require being seated at an office desk. You can try it and create your own workspace, from wherever you want.

Picture yourself working from a stunning balcony, facing the sea, without a care in the world; or in a village, surrounded by a stunning endless landscape, enjoying the tranquility and peace of your place; even more, a traditional terrace in a historical sight, hearing the mumbling of locals during their daily tasks. Be creative!

Blending in Can be Hard

An inclusive spirit can open doors for you: work, study, leisure, advice, networking. But how can you unlock this path? Although there is a language barrier, Greek people are known to be experts in hospitality, with a deep sense of sharing, from ancient tales, culture sharing, gastronomic experiences, as a foreign you will have privilege access to true Greek life if you are willing to try.

Thanks to the digital evolution, communities are now more connected than ever. Living in Greece as a foreigner has never been so rewarding, either you are an investor or you are with your family, the warm and welcome locals blended with foreign groups will make you feel home.

Complex Bureaucracy

Greece does not display the easiest tax and legal framework for foreigners to understand or benefit from, especially when it refers to healthcare or paying taxes. We are here to help you go through the whole transition process if you opt for the Greece Golden Visa program, for instance. 

This will bring you many benefits, and although the process is long and complex, our team of experts can help you go through it fast and smoothly, keeping you within the country’s legal framework and informing you of all your rights and benefits – not mentioning Greek real estate options for your investment program.



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