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House with a pool in Santorini - perfect example of an asset investment opportunity.

#1. Portfolio Diversification

Creating a strong group of assets is halfway to getting financial stability, not only for investors but also for their direct families. Diversification is the key and among the numerous components of a diversified portfolio. Real Estate funds represent a safe and profitable investment that comes with many benefits.

When buying properties overseas you will realize that your portfolio is protected against the risk of inflation, and in the EU area, especially, you can access a varied display of properties – that vary according to the country, specific location, and the type of property you are interested in. We can help you find the house of your dreams, to manage all the processes for you, until you get your investment property overseas.

#2. Residency & Citizenship Benefits

If you want more reasons to buy a property overseas, consider access to world-class healthcare, visa-free travel, the opportunity for your children to engage in world-renown schools and universities, and safe environments, among other benefits that you will unveil while living your new life. All this comes with EU citizenship or residency. One of the most popular Golden Visa programs includes investing in the desired country’s Real Estate so that you create a bond of trust.

If you are buying an investment property overseas, and deciding to invest in real estate, the Residency by Investment is perfect for you. You will need to meet all the requirements and go through the entire process. Our team of experts will help you navigate the bureaucratic seas, swiftly and within the tax and legal framework – and once you get your residency permit or citizenship you will be able to access all advantages, as a local citizen or resident.


#3. Better Quality of Life

If y
ou decide to look for the house of your dreams overseas, which means that you are buying international property, be prepared to receive numerous rewards. One of them is that you can choose your new lifestyle in a new country, in a different city, and in your dream house.

A new life means new habits, bold choices, and making it your way: EU cities have a lot to offer. From culture to gastronomic delights, the stunning landscapes or endless beaches, peaceful and tranquil ambiances, lively and vibrant environments, people are warm and welcoming, experts in hospitality. Access to well-structured systems, infrastructures, connectivity, and transportation. By buying properties overseas you are not only investing in real estate, but you are also investing in your quality of life.

#4. New Cultural Experiences

Most of the countries that offer immigration through investment are well-developed and welcome not only foreign investment but also tourists and visitors - the cultural engagement is part of the deal.

Overseas every cornerstone tells a story. Stage to multiple facts, everything is history. From antique stores, old bookshops, world-known monuments and famous buildings, narrow streets and charming boulevards, renowned museums, and ancient landmarks – there is a place for every bit of history.  You will explore the gastronomic specialties, live the traditional celebrations, learn a different language, engage in the country’s art scenario, and enjoy its festivities with an open mind – you will keep unforgettable memories.

#5. Rental Income & Capital Appreciation

Residencies in the EU area offer you the possibility to profit from them, here is one more reason to buy a property overseas. The rental market shows steadiness, for both the long and short term, guaranteeing capital appreciation. This means that if you consult with our experts, we will help you find the best deal, and when it is time to jump for another venture, you only see profits from buying an investment property overseas.

So, if you are looking for an easy investment with solid returns you should analyze the real estate market in the EU. European tourism is booming, and this can represent an opportunity for you to profit from it. Merging the real estate market with tourism is a perfect match for investors. Owning a property overseas grants flexibility, a secure income, small expenses on maintenance, and a vacation house in a stunning location of your choice.

#6. Stable Economical & Political Scenarios

Investing in a country that is known for its steady and healthy economic and political scenarios is a plus for investors. This means that several economic sectors are thriving, growing, and bringing profit to the country – including foreign money. The political scope is particularly important, due to its direct connection to the economic fabric.

The real estate market in general offers a mix of security and opportunity. You might like taking risks or being more cautious, either way, this path will lead you to a profitable and stable investment. Investment Visa has the best team of experts to lead you into the perfect investment. Contact us today and we will find you the most profitable deal. Also, many countries have agreements, plans, and programs that help foreigners benefit from their investments, guiding them through secure paths.

#7. Affordability & Tax Advantages

Many EU countries have an affordable cost of living, offering a high quality of life. Big cities are always more sought after, so prices go up, but nearby locations and even rural areas have a relaxed way of living, reasonable property prices, to buy or rent long/ short term and basic daily expenses – among many amenities that are cheaper than in big cities.

Along with this comes tax advantages, a way to attract foreign investment and make the local economy grow and become more appealing globally. Doing business and investing overseas is a way to avoid high tax rates, instantly saving money and increasing your wealth. By boosting your revenue, you are assuring legacy and profit. Property investment overseas is a secure, low-maintenance, and lucrative investment for savvy businesspeople.

If you are thinking of buying properties overseas, be sure to check the local real estate market, the requirements necessary before applying in the chosen country, the investment programs, and the benefits that this move will grant you, such as residency and citizenship. Our Investment Visa experts are ready to guide you and give you all the information needed to go through the process.



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