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American couple enjoying their time in Greece.

Greek-American influence in the United States and Greece

Among the mosaic of thousands of cultures that make up the modern United States, Greek is one of the more prevalent. This comes as no surprise, as it is one of the most commonly depicted in the media, which represents hundreds of thousands of real people. Current estimates place more than 1 million U.S. Americans as having Greek ancestry. The ties between the United States and Greece are strong, and this relationship is only further enhanced by the excellent official relations between the two countries. This longstanding friendship is reflected not only in the substantial influence of Greek culture in the United States but also in the increasing presence of U.S. citizens in Greece as well. It is undoubtedly becoming the new home for countless U.S. nationals. But why is this occurring?

Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean lifestyle is a fantasy for many. For some, it is a dream come true in the form of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Europe. However, to a myriad of U.S. Americans, it has become a daily reality since their move to Greece.

As the country that originated it, Greece embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle the most. Venturing to the beach, enjoying the sand on your toes, the calm waves of the sea crashing gently against the shore, and the warmth of the sun on your skin is one of the more romantic ideas but the Mediterranean lifestyle is so much more. It means embracing a slower, more relaxed life, spending more time with your friends and family, eating a healthier diet, with olive oil-soaked dishes, and belonging to a tight-knit community.

These crucial notions of friendliness, community, connection, and relaxation stand upon the foundation on which Greece is built and they have spread out among every aspect of Greek life. This includes far more affordable Real Estate properties, with prices per square footage in Greece costing approximately half the prices in the United States.

The hectic pressures of a busy daily life, the constant need to be connected to the global world, and not spending enough time with one’s family are all concerns that disappear by living in Greece. For many U.S. citizens, this is among the primary reasons behind their relocation to Greece. While some are returning to their ancestral homeland, most are effectively choosing to start anew.


Despite being the best in the world in terms of healthcare, the United States also has the most expensive system in the world. It is common for U.S. Americans to be presented with bills demanding thousands of dollars as payment even for the simplest procedures. Even those carrying health insurance still pay exorbitant amounts despite having good plans, not to mention co-pays and unknown, additional fees which further tally up the final bill.

This becomes a non-issue in Greece, as the country boasts a universal healthcare system, accessible by citizens and residents alike. Private institutions exist and are aplenty as well, and their services are far more affordable than those practiced in the United States.

Olive oil is at the core of Greek cuisine, which is far healthier than many other types of oils used for cooking in the United States. Combining it with the use of vegetables, fruits, fresh unprocessed meats and fishes, and other outside factors, such as a more active lifestyle, less dependence on cars, and walkable cities, among many others, truly make Greece a healthier place to live. Furthermore, the European Union places a greater emphasis on the health of its citizens. It has effectively banned certain harmful and processed ingredients from being sold in its territory and has also enforced lower thresholds of sugar in food products, ensuring an overall more fit population.

Dedicated Residency Program and Family Benefits

Out of all the main reasons Greece is experiencing such a large influx of U.S. Americans, the Greece Golden Visa is the one responsible for the final decision. It is a program designed to attract foreign individuals to invest in the country in exchange for Residency, and all the rights and benefits associated with its status.

Besides healthcare and the Mediterranean lifestyle, there are further benefits granted by the Greece Golden Visa. For instance, family can be included in the application, and U.S. nationals can bring their spouse, children under the age of 21, and their dependent parents and enable them to become Greek residents. This opportunity allows the possibility to build a brighter, better future for the entire family.

While the United States has some of the world’s best universities, including those in the Ivy League, education in Europe does not lag behind either. Several European universities can compete with those in the United States, ranking alongside them among the best in the world. However, it is the affordability that truly makes a difference. Many countries in the European Union boast universal and public educational systems. As a Greek Resident, one gains the ability to study in Greece, which has free access to higher education. With the Greek passport in hand, any of the universities in the European Union are within reach.

Besides education, security also plays a key role. Violence occurrences are commonplace in the United States, and while normal precautions should always be exercised when traveling to or living in Greece, it is far safer. In 2023, the Global Peace Index ranked the United States in the #131st place. In comparison, Greece ranked 60th, a staggering 71 positions ahead.

Another important reason is that even though U.S. nationals have an extremely powerful passport, with the fifth most powerful in the world, Greece is ahead of the United States in this sense, having the fourth most powerful. While it may practically make no difference, it is a leading reason among U.S. citizens who seek to give up their Citizenship due to the overbearing tax laws the United States imposes, being the only country in the world to tax its citizens on worldwide income, even if they are residing permanently elsewhere. By acquiring Greek Residency, which may later evolve into Citizenship, U.S. nationals can retain and gain further visa-free travel rights.

Greece welcomes U.S. nationals!

All these reasons, plus a multitude of personal ones, including personal attachments to Greece, more and more U.S. nationals are being driven to acquire the Greece Golden Visa. In perspective, Greece witnessed an immense increase of 740% from 2020 to 2021 in U.S. nationals’ interest in the Greece Golden Visa.

With interest in the country at an all-time high, as it has one of the most affordable Residency by Investment programs in the European Union, starting at €250,000 through the purchase of Real Estate, the U.S. American expat community in Greece is only looking to increase.

If Greece has interested you in any way, shape, or form, do not hesitate to contact Investment Visa. We have several Properties in Greece, all of which qualify for the Golden Visa. Our main mission is to ensure the satisfaction of all our partners, and we commit to providing the most personalized service with the utmost care. Fill out our query forms and one of our Investment Advisors will contact you as soon as possible.



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