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  • Caribbean
  • Country Flag: Grenada - Investment Visa
  • Type: Citizenship by Investment
  • Investment: ≧€ 220,000
  • Duration : 3 to 6 Months
  • Benefits: The Grenada CBI Program offers you family inclusion, visa-free travel to the UK, the Schengen Area and China. Applicants are also eligible for a 10-year US tourist visa.

Why Move to Grenada?

Among the Caribbean Sea, there are many hidden gems to be discovered. None more so than the three underrated islands of Grenada. Grenada itself, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. Together, they promise the Caribbean dream. But they deliver on so much more, allowing you to rejuvenate and regain your strength. In relocating to Grenada, countless wonders, such as amazing beaches, awe-inspiring waterfalls, diving and scuba spots, and hiking trails are at your beck and call. Coupled with an appealing Citizenship by Investment visa program, boasting several benefits across the board, you have the perfect recipe to rival the Grenadian national dish, the Oil Down.

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Grenada Fast Facts

Fast facts

Despite its size, almost unnoticeable on the world map, Grenada is one of the world’s largest producers of nutmeg, mace, and other spices, such as cloves and cinnamon. Because of this, it has deservedly earned the title of The Spice of the Caribbean. The importance of the nutmeg to the island cannot be underestimated, as it is represented on the country’s flag.

Unlike the rest of the Caribbean, which seems to be, in one way or another, on the path of hurricanes, Grenada’s prime location, just slightly south, allows it to avoid many disasters. There has not been a hurricane sweeping the country in over ten years.

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  • Population: 126.000 (2023 est.)
  • Capital City: Saint George's
  • Climate: Grenada enjoys a tropical climate, boasting warm temperatures throughout the year. It has a distinct dry season from June to November and a rainy season from December to May.
  • Time Zone: AST (Atlantic Standard Time)
  • Language: Officially English, with Grenadian Creole English and Grenadian Creole French dialects
  • Country Code: +1-473
  • Currency: XCD Dollar (Eastern Caribbean Dollar)
  • Economy: Tourism, agriculture
  • GDP Per/Cap: US$8,950
  • Borders: Maritime borders with Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


If you are feeling the pressures of daily life or are constantly busy with a hectic schedule, now is the time to leave those concerns behind. Moving abroad means a change in all aspects of life, and by relocating to Grenada, you can slow down and embrace the sunny, calm, and relaxed lifestyle of the most underrated islands in the Caribbean.

Why move to Grenada
Cost of Living - Grenada

Cost of living

Grenada, like many other countries of the Caribbean, is affordable regarding the cost of living. You can expect to spend about US$2500 monthly, including rent and utilities. This estimate can vary greatly depending on your situation, but it should not prove an issue to anyone looking to move to Grenada by obtaining the Citizenship by Investment Visa.

Safety in Grenada


As a mostly tourism-dependent country, Grenada is one of the safest countries in the Caribbean. The U.S. Department of State advises normal precautions to be exercised when visiting the islands. Furthermore, the Global Organized Crime Index ranks Grenada 175 out of 193. This is a testament to the country’s safety, especially when considering 1 is the worst possible rank.


Grenada has one of the best healthcare systems in the Caribbean. It has over thirty medical facilities, with St. George’s University at its peak. The country is dedicated to further improvement as per its long-term strategic plan. Despite this, the country has limited infrastructure, which must be considered. As such, private medical insurance is heavily advised.

Grenada - Education


The educational system is both free and mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 16. When it comes to higher education, St. George’s University stands out from the rest of the Caribbean. For the last nine years, the University’s School of Medicine has been supplying the largest number of doctors into US first-year residencies in over 20 specialties.

Grenada Language


English is the official language of the country. All relevant information regarding the country and its laws are published in English. Two other local dialects are spoken in the three islands, the French and English Creole, though the latter is vastly more spoken. You will not find any issue in communicating with the locals or other expats if you are considering relocating to Grenada.

Caribbean Currency

Money and taxes

The Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD) is the country’s official currency, shared with neighboring Eastern Caribbean countries. It is indexed to the US dollar at 2.70.
The country boasts a relaxed tax system, granting many benefits to its citizens. In relocating to Grenada and becoming a Citizen through the Investment visa, you are exempt from paying taxes on inheritance, capital gains, and income.

Popular Destinations

Popular Destinations

If choosing an island to settle in the Caribbean is a deliciously arduous task, deciding which town to emigrate to in Grenada can prove even more difficult. Luckily, you do not have to worry. We have compiled a list of the most popular destinations in all of Grenada, as well as the best Real Estate options in this dreamy Caribbean Island.
Enter an explosion of dazzling colors scattered across Georgian buildings and journey down Grenada’s famous harbor, the Carenage, or venture to the white-sanded Grand Anse Beach.
This fishing town comes alive during the night, especially on Friday, as it becomes the island’s hub for partying and fun, full of bars and clubs.
Grenada’s second-largest town offers a bustling Spice Market and a stark contrast to the tropical, idyllic beaches, with Grenville’s Bay’s black sands and dark waters.
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Do I Need a Visa to Grenada to Grenada?

Yes. Much like the EU, only citizens of countries within the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States are allowed to freely move, live, and work in Grenada without a visa or a permit. If you are from any other country, you will need a visa to relocate to Grenada. Investment Visa recommends obtaining the Citizenship by Investment Visa. In becoming a citizen, you are entitled to numerous benefits. One is visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the UK, those in the Schengen Area, China, and Singapore for certain periods of time, depending on the country. Another is the fact that Grenadian citizenship is the only one in the Caribbean whose citizens can apply for the E2 Visa in the USA.

Moving to Grenada as an EU citizen

Mirroring its attractive Citizenship by Investment Visa program, Grenada has an open and friendly visa-exemption policy. EU nationals can visit the country visa-free for a maximum of three months if their main purpose is tourism. This allows the investor to visit the country before deciding whether to relocate to Grenada. However, the process can be done entirely remotely regardless of nationality. If you have any questions or doubts about the process of relocating to Grenada, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Investment Visa. We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you with all your needs.

Moving to Grenada as a non-EU citizen

Grenada makes little to no distinction between EU countries and others around the world. However, due to historical ties with the United Kingdom, British nationals can stay in the country for as long as six months without a visa. Furthermore, Grenada makes no restrictions on who can apply. Any national from any country in the world can apply for a Visa through the Citizenship by Investment program. In fact, Grenada has one of the fastest, most flexible, and uncomplicated processes in the entire Caribbean, taking as little as 90 days. It requires no interview or specific type of education to apply for Citizenship.

Moving to Grenada Through Investment Visa Programs

Like other countries in the Caribbean, Grenada has a Citizenship by Investment Visa program. Established in 2013, the government has created one of the most enticing frameworks in the Caribbean, allowing investors around the globe to gain Citizenship, and all its benefits, in exchange for capital invested in the country.

Besides visa-free travel to numerous countries and multiple tax benefits, the crowning jewel of this Citizenship by Investment visa program is that it enables the investor to become eligible for the United States E2 visa. Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean to allow this, due to the close ties between both countries.

How can I gain Citizenship in Grenada?

You can become a Grenadian through two paths.

You make a non-refundable contribution to the National Transformation Fund in the amount of US$150,000. You can extend this to your spouse and two children, and other dependents, though this raises the necessary investment amount. This suits solely those seeking Citizenship.

If you want to emigrate and obtain a return on your investment, then we recommend purchasing shares in Real Estate approved projects on the island. The minimum amount required is US$220,000, though there are other additional due diligence fees. You must hold the property for a minimum of five years, which thereafter you can resell at a premium to get a hefty return on your investment.

How to obtain Permanent Residency in Grenada?

If you wish to obtain permanent residency in Grenada, there are a few options at your disposal. While these processes are not necessarily bureaucratic, they are time-consuming. One can become eligible for permanent residency after living in Grenada for two years. Naturalization is also achievable, but only after residing in the country for seven years, including two as a permanent resident. The best and fastest way to become a permanent resident is through the Citizenship by Investment framework. In as little as 90 days, you can enjoy the same benefits many other investors already have, including visa-free travel to numerous countries, a wide array of tax benefits, and access to the USA E2 visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pros: Moving to Grenada will allow the investor to bask in the sunny weather and stunning sights in one of the most beautiful and safest nation islands of the Caribbean Sea. Due to the island’s position, it manages to avoid most hurricanes that sweep by the Caribbean.

Cons: Grenada has a slower pace of life, which may not be suited for everyone. Despite being the beacon of healthcare in the Caribbean, the overall infrastructure of the country is lacking, especially when it comes to driving, as the roads are not in the best condition.

Yes. English is the country’s official language. The most widely spoken dialect is the Grenadian English Creole, which is mostly vernacular. The French Grenadian Creole is less spoken, and not necessary to learn to move to Grenada. The investor and their family will be able to communicate with no issue whatsoever with locals and other expat communities in Grenada.

Yes, you can, per its Citizenship by Investment Visa program. It covers not only the investor but also the spouse, dependent children under the age of 30, dependent parents and grandparents. Additional dependents can also be included, though this has an associated fee. For a full analysis of your profile and situation, contact us at Investment Visa to obtain the best guidance.

Expat communities can be found all over the several towns spread throughout the Grenadian islands. Regardless, Investment Visa has identified six key locations, which are also where the best Real Estate options can be found. The capital of the country, St. George’s, is the leading example, though other towns, such as Gouyave, Grenville, Victoria, Hillsborough and Sauteurs also have increasingly growing expat communities.

If your goal is to obtain Citizenship by Investment by relocating to Grenada, you will have to consider the initial investment amount needed of US$220,000. At the very least, it will be required US$270,000 from the investor, when one considers but further associated fees, such as governmental costs. We are experts and have a vast knowledge of how these matters work in their entirety. Do not hesitate to contact us at Investment Visa.

No. The application process is among the fastest in the Caribbean. Grenada has all the interest in ensuring the capital enters its economy as soon as possible. As such, they expedite the process, taking as little as 60 days between the beginning and having the passport at hand. Furthermore, it can be done entirely remotely, without the need to visit Grenada beforehand. With Investment Visa on your side, this becomes even quicker, as our team of experts and advisors will analyze your profile and find the best Real Estate option for you and your investment needs.



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