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  • Caribbean
  • Country Flag: Dominica - Investment Visa
  • Type: Citizenship by Investment
  • Investment: USD $200,000
  • Duration : 3 to 6 Months
  • Benefits: The Dominica CBI Program offers applicants residence in Dominica, ability to hold a 10-year visa to the USA, plus the freedom to travel visa-free to 145 countries.

Why Move to Dominica?

Dominica combines the best of both worlds: the dreamy Caribbean lifestyle and many natural wonders. Arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Dominica has unrivaled sights and adventure-filled activities, but it further excels in hospitality. A deeply friendly and inviting people has led the country to create an extremely enticing Citizenship by Investment program, with 30 years of experience in discreetly providing investors with a second passport. In relocating to Dominica, you will be able to travel visa-free to over 135 countries, enjoy a lax tax system, and bask in many of the several benefits the country has to offer.

Why move to Dominica
Dominica Fast Facts

Fast facts

Dominica is often mistaken for the Dominican Republic. However, the two could not be more different and there is over 600 miles of distance between the two countries.

Dominica is home to some of the last remaining indigenous Kalinago people who still practice ancient Pre-Colombian customs and traditions.

The Sisserou parrot, the national bird of Dominica, is a majestic specimen, with plumage of deep, dark shades of green and purple. It is the centerpiece of the Dominican flag, which is one of three in the world to have purple in it.

Formed by volcanic activity, Dominica is among the Caribbean’s youngest islands. It has a myriad of hot springs, including the Boiling Lake – the world’s second-largest of its kind.

Dominica Country Map

  • Population: 73.000 (2023 est.)
  • Capital City: Roseau
  • Climate: Dominica features a tropical climate with year-round warm temperatures and distinct wet and dry seasons.
  • Time Zone: AST (Atlantic Standard Time)
  • Language: English, Dominican Creole is the local dialect
  • Country Code: +1-767
  • Currency: XCD Dollar (East Caribbean Dollar)
  • Economy: Agriculture, tourism, and a nascent financial services industry
  • GDP Per/Cap: US$7,571
  • Borders: Maritime borders with Guadeloupe and Marie-Galante, Martinique (France)


A low-stress environment and slower-paced daily life, access to pure air and fresh foods, rivers so pristine and immaculate one can drink water directly from them, and a blend of differently-colored landscapes, spanning the most beautiful vistas are but a few reasons behind Dominica having a strong and healthy population, which includes over 20 centenarians. In becoming a Citizen, all of this is within your reach.

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Cost of Living - Dominica

Cost of living

All the countries in the Caribbean offer, overall, an affordable cost of living, and Dominica is no different. It is among the countries with the lowest cost of living, and by moving to Dominica, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle without having to concern yourself with rent or utilities.

Safety in Dominica


Dominica is a safe country to travel to and to live in. The U.S. Department of State classifies Dominica as Level 1 in terms of safety, which means only normal precautions must be exercised. As a country mostly dependent on tourism, the trends in both crime rates and violent criminal occurrences have been steadily decreasing over the past few years.


Due to the country’s small size, and the fact much of it is untouched by the human presence, Dominica’s overall infrastructure is still limited. However, the country is dedicated to improving its situation according to its national development plan. Regardless, the country still boasts five hospitals, as well as other clinics spread throughout the island. Private medical insurance is always advisable.

Dominica - Education


Mirroring other countries of the Caribbean, the public educational system in Dominica is free and mandatory for children ages 5 to 16. The country also has an extensive private schooling system, ranging from pre-school to secondary school institutions. Dominica has one tertiary schooling institution and ties and associations with the University of the West Indies.

Dominica Language


English is the official language of the country. As such, all government laws and street signage are in English. There is a local dialect, the Dominican Creole, which is derived from French and it is widely spoken across all of Dominica. Regardless, you will not have any issues whatsoever in Dominica with English at your disposal.

Currency - Caribbean

Money and taxes

Dominica’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, indexed to the US dollar at XCD 2.70. This currency is shared with other Caribbean Island nations in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

In recent years, Dominica has seen a boom in the financial sector, taking meaningful steps in becoming a point of reference for banking and financial services in the world. It offers many competitive advantages to its citizens, such as minimal taxation, including no tax on wealth, gifts, inheritance, foreign income, capital gains, or personal income.

Popular Destinations

Popular Destinations

As The Nature Island of the Caribbean, much of Dominica’s territory is unspoiled by human presence. Regardless, finding a Real Estate investment option will not be an issue if you decide to move to Dominica. Find below a list of towns and cities Investment Visa has compiled and deemed the best to relocate to as well as ensure a return on your investment.
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Do I Need a Visa to Move to Dominica?

Unless you are a national from a country within the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, you will need a Visa to relocate to Dominica. The Dominican government offers a wide selection of Visas for those interested in living and working in Dominica.

If you wish to move to Dominica, call it your second home, and enjoy the many benefits of being a permanent resident, then the Citizenship by Investment Visa is the best choice for you. You can endeavor through this program in two paths: by donating to the Economic Diversification Fund or by investing in Real Estate.

Moving to Dominica as an EU citizen

Dominica is a friendly country, and this is reflected in its visa-free travel policy. Most EU nationals can visit Dominica without a visa between three to six months. The difference depends on the country. For example, Austrian and Polish investors can stay for six months, while Italian and German investors are only able to stay for three. Contact our team of experts and advisors to find out more on this at Investment Visa for more information on this subject. Regardless, you will have plenty of time to explore the country and enjoy its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and breathtaking vistas before making the decision to invest.

Moving to Dominica as a non-EU citizen

Dominica does not make any discernible distinctions between EU and non-EU nationals when it comes to obtaining Citizenship by Investment. In fact, some non-EU countries’ citizens are allowed to stay for longer than certain EU countries without a visa, such as nationals from Singapore and the United States. Even if you are halfway around the world, you do not need to worry. The entire application process can be done remotely without the need to visit Dominica. Even after approval, whether you physically relocate to Dominica is your choice.

Moving to Dominica Through Investment Visa Programs

Dominica has one of the world’s oldest Citizenship by Investment Visa programs. Established in 1993, the country has been providing a safe haven for investors, their families, and their wealth. As a Dominican, you are allowed to travel visa-free to over 135 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, it also allows the holder the ability to apply for a 10-year US B1/B2 visa, enabling stays in the United States for up to six months.

To further sweeten the deal, Dominican passport holders are bestowed a series of tax benefits. For example, they are exempt from paying taxes on international dividends, interest, royalties, wealth, gift, inheritance, and income.

How can I gain Citizenship in Dominica?

There are two paths to becoming a Citizen in Dominica.

The first is to make a US$100,000 investment in the Economic Diversification Fund, which supports various sectors of interest in the Dominican economy.

However, for the keen investor looking to diversify their portfolio and maximize their profitability, Investment Visa recommends the second option: investing in Real Estate. Venturing this path implicates purchasing ownership in properties, for a minimum of five years, that have been both approved by the government and valued at USD $200,000.

Please be aware these options incur additional processing and due diligence fees.

How to obtain Permanent Residency in Dominica?

There is a way of obtaining permanent residency in Dominica without the Citizenship by Investment program. However, the conditions are many and it is a bureaucratic process. Firstly, you would need to have been living or working on the island for five years. Secondly, even if that were the case, you might not even be approved, as the decision relies on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Labor. Finally, there are further costs associated with this process, as well as many required documents. The recommended path to becoming a permanent and full resident is through the Citizenship by Investment program, especially through the Real Estate option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pros: Dominica offers a nature haven, with gorgeous, stunning views and scenes, unspoiled by human presence. The visa application processing time is a quick one, taking as little as four months.

Cons: As an emergent economy, Dominica has a limited infrastructure. Dominica is also a country vulnerable to natural disasters, especially hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

Yes. English is the official language of Dominica, and you will find no issues in communicating with locals or understanding any laws as it is universally spoken. Due to Dominica’s colonial past, having been disputed territory between France and the United Kingdom, some remnants of French have mixed in with the local language, evolving to the Dominican Creole, though this is not necessary to learn.

Yes. You can bring your family through the Citizenship by Investment program. Your spouse, children under the age of eighteen, or up to thirty years of age if they are enrolled at an institution of higher education, or without an age limit if they suffer from physical or mental handicaps, and parents and grandparents if they are sixty-five or older, and financially dependent on you, are all eligible.

Considering the island’s small size, as well as the fact that much of its territory is claimed by nature, there are few cities in Dominica. The heart and capital, Roseau, is the most famous option by far, though there are other options to consider. Portsmouth, the second largest town, is home to the Cabrits National Park and borders the Indian River on the south. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay close to the airport, yet still enjoy the beaches, Marigot is the city to choose.

There is no correct answer. It depends entirely on your situation, what your goals are, and your profile as an investor. If you choose the option to purchase Real Estate, you will need a minimum of US$200,000. However, there are always hidden costs, and finding an accurate answer may be an intimidating prospect, especially when it comes to navigating an unfamiliar system of laws without the proper guidance. Luckily, at Investment Visa, we have a team of experts with years of experience and the knowledge to lead you through these uncharted waters.

No. Once you have purchased your Real Estate property and have become a citizen, you can relocate to Dominica at your earliest convenience. The island is served quite well in terms of accessibility, having numerous agreements and partnerships with major airlines, such as Delta, United, Air France and British Airways. Dominica has two airports, Canefield and Douglas-Charles. You will more likely enter the island through the larger of the two, the Douglas-Charles Airport, located on the northeastern end of the country.

Boiling Lake

Accessible only by a challenging hike, reaching the Boiling Lake is worthwhile to experience the terrifyingly beautiful cauldron of scalding water and its rising curtains of steam.

Champagne Reef

Dive into Champagne Reef, so aptly named as it mirrors the bubbling liquid, and enjoy not only the warm waters but a beautiful display of colors.

The Kalinago Reserve

Glimpse into the past by visiting the last remaining descendants of the Kalinago and immerse yourself in an ancient culture that has managed to survive until today.

Indian River

Of Dominica’s 365 rivers, the Indian River stands out from the rest, not only for its historical importance but also for its breathtaking scenery.

Morne Trois Piton National Park

Enter an explosion of greens, from dark shades to light hues, The Park is as raw as nature can be, especially in the Emerald Pool.

Cabrits National Park

Visit the northside of the island and venture through a myriad of diverse landscapes or learn more from Dominica’s colonial past at Fort Shirley.



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