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Amoros country Club Villas Paphos

Beautiful Country Club Villas qualifiable for the 300,000e Golden Visa close to Paphos.
, Cyprus
300k Golden Visa
Type: Residential
2 - 4
$ £

390.000 - 680.000


Paphos, Cyprus, is a stunning coastal city known for its rich history, charming atmosphere, and beautiful landscapes. If you have a passion for golf and are considering settling down in a luxurious and scenic location, a golf resort in Paphos could be the perfect place to call home, or indeed to benefit from a sustanable rental revenue.  Living in a golf resort in Paphos offers a unique and fulfilling lifestyle. Imagine waking up to stunning views of lush fairways, manicured greens, and scenic surroundings every day. You can enjoy a round of golf on world-class courses just steps away from your front door, and unwind in the tranquil setting of the resort after a day on the course.

Paphos, a historic coastal town in Cyprus, is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and modern amenities. Whether you are considering investing in real estate or looking for a new place to call home, Paphos has a lot to offer. Here are some reasons why Paphos is an excellent town to invest in and live in:

  1. Rich History and Culture: Paphos is steeped in history and mythology, with archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, and ancient ruins that date back thousands of years. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paphos offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and provides a unique cultural experience for residents and visitors alike.
  2. Beautiful Beaches and Scenery: Paphos boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus, with crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and rugged cliffs. Residents can enjoy a laid-back beach lifestyle, watersports, sunbathing, and relaxing by the sea. The picturesque landscapes and scenic views make Paphos an ideal place to live for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Real Estate Opportunities: Paphos offers a diverse range of real estate options, from luxury beachfront villas and apartments to charming townhouses and countryside properties. The town's real estate market has been growing steadily, with an increase in demand for both residential and holiday homes. Investing in property in Paphos can provide excellent rental income potential and capital appreciation over time.
  4. Lifestyle and Amenities: Paphos has all the amenities and conveniences you need for a comfortable lifestyle, including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, shops, healthcare facilities, schools, and recreational activities. The town offers a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, with a low crime rate, good healthcare services, and a welcoming community that makes it a great place to live.
  5. Mediterranean Cuisine: Paphos is a paradise for foodies, with a vibrant culinary scene that highlights traditional Cypriot cuisine, fresh seafood, and international flavors. Residents can enjoy dining at local tavernas, seaside restaurants, and trendy cafes, savoring delicious dishes made with fresh, local ingredients and enjoying the Mediterranean diet.
  6. Easy Connectivity: Paphos is well-connected to other parts of Cyprus and Europe, with an international airport that offers regular flights to major cities in Europe and the Middle East. The town is also connected by a network of highways, making it easy to travel to nearby towns, cities, and attractions within Cyprus.

Overall, Paphos offers a peaceful and quality lifestyle, rich cultural experiences, stunning natural surroundings, and real estate investment opportunities that make it an attractive town to invest in and live in. Whether you're looking for a holiday home, a retirement destination, or a permanent residence, Paphos has everything you need to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life on the Mediterranean coast.

Close to

  • Airport: 13km
  • Supermarket: 4km
  • Bars/Restaurants: 18km
  • Shopping Centre: 18km
  • ATM/Bank: 0km

Availability · Only 25 Units Available

27V3 4 190 m2 / 2,045 ft2350 m2 / 3,767 ft2VIEW 680.000,00CONTACT US
27V5 4 190 m2 / 2,045 ft2342 m2 / 3,681 ft2VIEW 670.000,00CONTACT US
27V6 3 138 m2 / 1,485 ft2715 m2 / 7,696 ft2N/A 615.000,00CONTACT US
27V7 3 148 m2 / 1,593 ft2332 m2 / 3,574 ft2VIEW 640.000,00CONTACT US
30V2 3 186 m2 / 2,002 ft2589 m2 / 6,340 ft2VIEW 670.000,00CONTACT US
33V1 3 165 m2 / 1,776 ft2578 m2 / 6,222 ft2N/A 649.000,00CONTACT US
33V3 3 185 m2 / 1,991 ft2527 m2 / 5,673 ft2VIEW 649.000,00CONTACT US
33V3A 3 174 m2 / 1,873 ft2569 m2 / 6,125 ft2VIEW 660.000,00CONTACT US
33V5 3 165 m2 / 1,776 ft2645 m2 / 6,943 ft2N/A 671.000,00CONTACT US
37V1 2 125 m2 / 1,345 ft2371 m2 / 3,993 ft2N/A 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V2 2 126 m2 / 1,356 ft2310 m2 / 3,337 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V3 2 124 m2 / 1,335 ft2310 m2 / 3,337 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V10 2 122 m2 / 1,313 ft2351 m2 / 3,778 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V11 2 124 m2 / 1,335 ft2410 m2 / 4,413 ft2VIEW 397.000,00CONTACT US
37V12 2 343 m2 / 3,692 ft2126 m2 / 1,356 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V13 2 125 m2 / 1,345 ft2277 m2 / 2,982 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V14 2 121 m2 / 1,302 ft2255 m2 / 2,745 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V15 2 123 m2 / 1,324 ft2318 m2 / 3,423 ft2VIEW 390.000,00CONTACT US
37V16 121 m2 / 1,302 ft2675 m2 / 7,266 ft2VIEW 397.000,00CONTACT US
38V1 2 126 m2 / 1,356 ft2509 m2 / 5,479 ft2VIEW 440.000,00CONTACT US
38V2 2 126 m2 / 1,356 ft2418 m2 / 4,499 ft2VIEW 418.000,00CONTACT US
38V5 3 136 m2 / 1,464 ft2582 m2 / 6,265 ft2VIEW 594.000,00CONTACT US
38V6 2 124 m2 / 1,335 ft2313 m2 / 3,369 ft2VIEW 465.000,00CONTACT US
38V7 2 124 m2 / 1,335 ft2293 m2 / 3,154 ft2VIEW 435.000,00CONTACT US
38V8 2 121 m2 / 1,302 ft2307 m2 / 3,305 ft2VIEW 455.000,00CONTACT US

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